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What Do I Need To Know About Investing In An Indoor Climbing Wall?

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The indoor climbing wall is the most popular project in the last decade in extreme sports, once only provided to professional athletes, outdoor extreme sportspeople for primary training, now the equipment has been transformed, has become a national sport, for different age groups have launched the corresponding services, investment in the indoor climbing wall becomes profitable, about the industry inside information is necessary to elaborate.

The text contains the following.

1,The origin of the project

2,Information about the equipment

3,Complete safety measures

4,Market overview

climbing wall

First, the origins of the project

The climbing project was first popular in the army, some mountain combat more countries will be targeted to train soldiers climbing ability, to the end of World War II, outdoor adventure popular, extreme sports enthusiasts began to shift the primary training to indoor, reduce the difficulty, after the 1990s, the West's extreme sports like ordinary people popular, and China is mainly affected by the last 10 years, also from then on The indoor climbing wall has become a hot item in the business district.

Second, information about the equipment

According to the difficulty of climbing designed to climbing wall, height varies, specially prepared for children and adolescents related equipment, ranging from 1.6 m to 2.3 m in height, the main role is to exercise hand and foot coordination and courage to climb, youth equipment increased in difficulty, extending to more than 5 m in height, while adults used to train equipment up to 20 m in height, the difficulty, height, and material differences, determine the size of the investment. The difference in difficulty, height, and material determines the size of the investment.

Third, complete safety measures

The primary equipment for children and the larger equipment requires safety ropes, inflatable cushions of sufficient thickness, professional coaches for training purposes, 24-hour cameras, maintenance staff, and first aid personnel on hand at all times. There have been no serious personal injuries in the indoor games and training facilities for 10 years.

Fourth, market overview

The climbing wall is a hot project, due to the high requirements of the site and investment, which led to a long-term market shortage of supply, a large number of operating facilities even need to be booked, it is estimated that climbing this popular classification of the amusement industry alone can create the output value of up to 5 billion RMB, and is still increasing.

climbing wall-2

Investing in an indoor climbing wall is the right choice to meet market demand and provide pleasure to the public, but it is difficult to obtain a license for the operational premises approved for the installation of this facility, with a long pre-vetting period and long-term supervision, so investors need to be mentally prepared for this.

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