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How To Open An Indoor Trampoline Hall?

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  After the rise of a trampoline, has a very rapid development rate, now has been active on our side, but the current indoor trampoline hall does not meet the market demand, want to open an indoor trampoline hall investors most want to know is how to open an indoor trampoline hall, the next article will be detailed in the process of opening a trampoline hall.

This article contains the following content.

1. site inspection and rental

2. equipment procurement

3. documents for

4. personnel recruitment and training


First, site inspection and rental

  About how to open an indoor trampoline hall, we have to go to the mall to examine the actual situation of the whole mall, including the daily flow of people in the mall, the actual operation of other shops, and whether the annex traffic is convenient, and more importantly, examine whether there are peers in the vicinity, which are to do the market survey work in the early stage. After the survey there is no problem, we have to determine the location of the site area and rent, try to choose more people to pay more attention to the location, if possible, you can also talk to the mall about the rent-free period, to reduce their pressure.

Second, equipment procurement

  Investors in the choice of equipment must choose a fully qualified formal manufacturer to ensure the quality of equipment and after-sales, if possible, it is recommended that investors go to the manufacturers to check the field, because once the safety accident, the impact on the entire trampoline hall is huge. In terms of equipment procurement to choose more challenging and entertaining equipment according to site planning, keep up with the times and meet the entertainment needs of different customers.

Third, documents for

  How to open an indoor trampoline hall, the most basic is the handling of documents. The common business license is a must, as long as the door must be open for business, followed by fire requirements for a fire permit if you want to increase the food and beverage area in the venue, health permits are also essential, while the staff health card is also necessary to handle the four documents are the basis for an opening for business.

Fourth, personnel recruitment and training

  The daily operation of the trampoline hall needs to rely on staff to complete, according to the choice of the venue area to recruit the required personnel, if encounter holidays or busier times, you can also reserve some part-time increase in manpower to prevent poor service. After the recruitment of personnel to carry out systematic and perfect training, the correct use of equipment and customer service, to increase the reputation of the venue.


  How to open an indoor trampoline pavilion, I believe we all have an understanding. If you want to seize the cake of the trampoline hall, you should follow the process as soon as possible to get early returns.

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