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How To Consider The Size Of Soft Play,?What Is The Difference Between The Various Equipment?

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   Soft play is a children's facility, the interior consists of many types of equipment, designed for the entertainment of minors, the size of soft play naturally limits the custom size of various entertainment facilities, the larger the site, the greater the design margin, entertainment performance is naturally enhanced, but some places can not rent a large site, a variety of facilities to learn to adapt, to achieve a perfect fit.

The text contains the following.

1, trampoline equipment

2, Balloon room

3, Ocean ball pool

4, Non-profit items

5, Optimal use of space

soft play-1

First, trampoline equipment

  The size of the soft play limits the use of which trampoline equipment, small trampoline length, and width are in a meter or so, will not bring the problem of occupancy, but the super trampoline often needs 20 square meters, a facility will take up a larger operating area, the operator must calculate a good value for money.

Secondly, balloon rooms

  This facility covers a relatively large area, is not too much-fixed investment, but the reception of fewer visitors, in general, the cost is not high, if there is no condition of soft play does not need to customize similar equipment.

Third, ocean ball pool

  This is a classic game project, the risk factor is very small, but the footprint is not small, needs to be 5 meters long and wide or larger space, generally as a reserved project, placed at the entrance to soft play to attract customers.

Fourth, non-profit items

  Soft play wants to make full use of the floor space, you must reduce the non-profit projects, such as carousel and swing, often as a gift game show, do not charge and take up area, try to reduce such facilities, using other projects to replace, such as children type game machine is a good choice, often a few square meters of space to accommodate several machines, expanding the business area.

Fifth, optimal use of space

  Some soft play project as a supermarket and other ancillary facilities, often do not have a large footprint condition, so more careful planning area, such as narrow environment must reduce some of the width requirements of the larger games and equipment, if the customization of equipment can not meet the requirements of the site, it must be firmly abandoned, not to the subsequent operation of trouble.

soft play-2

  On the size of soft play, the above mentioned several game items and equipment customization, each exclusive equipment can try to reduce the footprint but need to consider the safety issues brought about by the reduction, on the one hand, to fully utilize the business area, on the other hand, and to try to retain the size of the equipment, to achieve harmony and unity between the two, because the smaller the size, the playability of the game at the same time also shrunk, the operator must The smaller the size, the less playable the games will be.

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