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How Can Indoor Playgrounds Be Planned To Make More Sense?

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The characteristics of indoor playgrounds are the need to have a strong fun, interactive, knowledgeable, of course, there will be a lot of facilities and projects, and the image of the added project features to dream magical, there is a rich imagination, of course, contains the entire playground regional, so how should such indoor playgrounds be divided to be more reasonable?

indoor playgrounds-1

First, the naughty castle area

The naughty fortress can also be called the children's fortress, it is through the scientific three-dimensional combination, the formation of a sports fitness and other functions as one of the children's activity center, in the whole process of playing, with a certain degree of arbitrariness, non-powered and safety features, and the naughty fortress is mainly including the ocean ball pool, castle, rotating slide, air gliding equipment.

Second, occupational experience area

This area also it is to supply children with an extra-curricular practice memory, take up the responsibility of training their future career planning and social competition, and in the whole process of practice, each scene will also explain the relevant knowledge, through role-playing, the clever combination of learning and practice, the form is diverse, of course, it is also very suitable for parent-child interaction.

Third, the children's extension area

This area is designed according to the characteristics of children, through scientific three-dimensional, to form a new generation of children's activities center. The whole area contains climbing, sliding, rolling, jumping, and shaking, and most of this kind of children's development training is composed of crossing projects. The super exciting levels allow children to experience high altitude climbing, sharpen their will, constantly challenge themselves and increase their self-confidence.

Fourth, the parent-child activity area

This is a comprehensive educational area where, with the cooperation of parents, children can complete various classic projects such as a sandpit, puzzles, and beach toys. Here you can enjoy interacting with parents to promote parent-child communication between children and parents, most indoor playgrounds today have the option of such games, after all, it is able to enhance parent-child relationships all the time.

indoor playgrounds-2

Large indoor playgrounds, of course, also contain parental leisure areas, in addition to the entire planning and design, you can use the characteristics of the terrain, rich plant landscaping to create an ecological and natural children's playground, playground environment, can meet the needs of children of different ages.

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