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What should we pay attention to when investing in a trampoline park?

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What should we pay attention to when investing in a trampoline park?

Before starting a trampoline park project, many entrepreneurs are concerned about how much it will cost. Then when they are really determined to do it, they will face more challenges about the operation of the indoor trampoline park. So let's learn about what we should pay attention to when investing in a trampoline park.

1.  Target consumer group of the trampoline park

The trampoline park is more novel and exciting than the traditional children ’s playground, and its consumer group is wider. In addition to children jumping and playing on the trampoline, adults can also use the trampoline to exercise.

Therefore, before investing in a trampoline park, we need to analyze the surrounding crowd structure. Then we need to sort out the main consumer groups of the indoor trampoline park and decide on the type of it.

2.  Decoration of the trampoline park

Whether it is a personalized trampoline park environment decoration, or a unique novel theme can make the jumping places attractive. It is a good way to use aromatherapy, paste posters or play warm music in the trampoline park. It can bring customers a comfortable and pleasant feeling from the sense of smell, sight and hearing.

In addition, the safety, hygiene and facility quality of the trampoline park are all important factors for later operations.

3.  Opening event of the trampoline park

Excellent opening event planning of the trampoline park can leave a good impression on consumers, such as distributing coupons and gifts. Besides, a good atmosphere of the event site can attract more consumers and raise awareness.

4.  Holiday activities of the trampoline park

The flow of people in the jumping places is actually similar to that of ordinary paradise parks. Generally, there are more consumers on weekends, summer vacations and holiday vacations. The trampoline park can organize events with corresponding themes according to different types of holidays.

In the bounce trampoline park, some space can be reserved for the hosting of group activities, such as birthday parties, company activities and the organization of various evening parties. It is a considerable source of income for the trampoline park, especially during the low season.

5.  Customer service level in the trampoline park

Trampoline park is a very typical service-oriented industry, which impresses customers with comfortable and considerate services. High-quality service levels bring customers a comfortable experience.

The management staff of the bounce trampoline park should strengthen the training of the staff, including the attitude towards the customers and the process of entering the park. Every staff in the trampoline park should have professional knowledge and excellent work ability, so as to provide better service to customers.

In addition, a variety of interesting themed activities and unique signature projects can be held in the trampoline park from time to time. This is a common trick to retain customers and achieve long-term profitability.

Our main products are trampoline park and indoor playground, which  are widely used in hotels, parks, playground, kindergartens and so on. Our products are well received by domestic and foreign customers. If interested, please feel easy to contact us.

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