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What are the issues involved in the production of indoor playground projects?

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When there is a market, there are people to meet market needs. Various children's amusement projects have also led to the development of manufacturers. The production of indoor playground projects is profitable, driving employment and improving the economy. At present, such enterprises often gather together to produce and complement each other. Board, forming a coastal industrial chain.

First, the production of indoor playground projects

Manufacturers need to understand the needs of the industry, provide a package of solutions for design, manufacture and assembly, understand the domestic and foreign market, and study the psychology of consumers. There are currently hundreds of children's playground facilities, and the materials used and the specifications are different. , Which poses a challenge to manufacturers.

Second, after-sales service is the key

Playground facilities often have a long maintenance period. For cost and economic considerations, the subsequent maintenance costs must be included in the contract. As a manufacturer of facilities and equipment, it is obligated to maintain it for more than three years.

Third, recruit design talents

Children's bodies are fragile, their respiratory organs are more sensitive, and the safety and environmental protection of materials are challenging the use of materials. Only formaldehyde-free and no other chemical additives can be used to achieve environmental protection assessment. Manufacturers cannot use raw materials without any qualification certification. To avoid subsequent troubles to customers, designers often know material science and know which raw materials meet safety regulations and can guarantee service life.

Fourth, the organization and production of raw materials

Children's facilities are mostly made up of plastic, plastic, PVC steel structure, etc. The production chain involved is relatively long. Manufacturers need to organize production. Looking for long-term suppliers can not only reduce costs, but also share risks and avoid using inferior suppliers. The products provided are highly responsible to customers.

Fifth, keep up with the market pulse

Amusement facilities often have a short service life, and new game varieties will appear every once in a while. Europe and the United States are often the pioneers of fashion, but they must have a certain market sense, appropriately launch new projects to customers, and be responsible for design and production. National conditions, to ensure personal safety, while taking into account the requirements of fire prevention and epidemic prevention.

The production of indoor playground projects is the product of the division and cooperation of the entire industry chain. It is difficult for a single manufacturer to complete all the supplies. At present, industry associations can help coordinate. A large amusement facility often involves more than a dozen manufacturers, each of which is responsible for the division of labor. , Manufacturers only need to provide complete maintenance for their own processing and production equipment and deliver them on time in accordance with contract requirements.


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