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What Kind Of Market Is The Trampoline Project?

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Trampoline is a common mass recreation project. It has appeared in various places in China since the last century. At first, it mainly occupied public land, such as parks and kindergartens, serving young children, but as the function of the equipment became more and more Powerful, young people are gradually joining the game community, and the project has achieved stable profitability. The introduction of the trampoline project can help you answer your doubts.

The article contains the following:

1. Market introduction

2. Location of the project

3. About hardware equipment

4. Labor costs


First, market introduction

The population base is large, and various hobbies can become a market. Children need to rely on trampoline to train leg muscles and sense control ability. People who lose weight also need this equipment to get rid of fat. Young people want to show their personality and use trampoline to do it. The complex movements have brought an excellent mass base to the project, so the game field is a 100 billion-level market that can accommodate many merchants to operate. In the introduction of the trampoline project, we focused on this advantage.

Second, the project location

If you think about investing in this area, the project opening site obviously needs to be carefully selected. Since different blocks in the city will bring different operating results, in principle, communities where young people are gathered, such as youth apartments, commercial blocks, subway station entrances , Are good business scope, but the cost of rent here is also high, you need to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Third, regarding hardware equipment

This market has complex types of equipment, and their respective manufacturers are different. Due to the relatively large range of investment, you must understand the other party's qualifications before choosing a partner, and then give a quotation. After multiple inquiries, choose a cost-effective one As for the investment in hardware equipment, it usually costs hundreds of thousands.

Fourth, labor costs

Most venues need to hire a lot of people after opening. If the project covers an area of more than 100 square meters, it usually needs two shifts during the operation period, and at least 8 people. If the project covers more than 500 square meters, it is It is necessary to employ at least about 20 people and make arrangements for manpower in advance.


The above is the introduction of the trampoline project. Someone has long explored this field, but it can accommodate a larger market. Nowadays, the calls for joining chains are getting higher and higher. Chain companies can help reduce investment and strengthen management, which is equivalent to reducing the difficulty of investors' operations. , To maximize the profitability.

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