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What Is the Return on Investment of Trampoline Hall?

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What Is the Return on Investment of Trampoline Hall?

Now trampoline parks seem to be growing. The projects are rich, interesting and challenging. After exploring and playing trampoline Park, many people have the idea of opening a trampoline park. So for investors, what is the return on investment of trampoline park, and does it make money to open a trampoline park and other issues must be their most concern. Next let's analyze the return on investment of bounce trampoline park below.

1. How Much Is the Trampoline Park Investment

(1) Investment Cost of Venue Rental of Trampoline Park (about 1-5 Yuan / m2 / Day)

The venue rent is determined by the location of trampoline park, and the venue rent is relatively different. However, the venue location factor accounts for 70% of the future profits of trampoline park, so it is normal that the venue rent accounts for a high proportion of the whole trampoline park investment. In general, the rent of trampoline park is directly proportional to the development level of the area where it is located. The rent of first tier cities is higher than that of second tier and third tier cities, and the rent of urban areas is higher than that of suburban areas. The rent of commercial centers is higher than that of general areas and the rent of commercial cities is higher than that of factory reconstruction houses. The rent of prosperous areas is higher than that of remote areas.

(2) Trampoline Park Decoration (300-600 Yuan/m2)

The decoration of bounce trampoline park can be high-end or ordinary, so the decoration of the venue needs to be simplified or cancelled according to the actual needs and budget. Everything is calculated entirely on the basis of its own budget.

(3) Investment Cost of Trampoline Park Equipment (400-800 Yuan/m2)

The price of trampoline equipment needs to be determined according to the scheme design of the customer's site and the customer's functional requirements. Therefore, when making the equipment investment budget, the budget can be made according to the function type of trampoline park.

(4) Trampoline Park Operation Cost (Based on Staffing and Actual Situation)

The operation cost of trampoline park is mainly divided into salary and daily consumption (office expenses, procurement expenses, water, electricity and network expenses, etc.).

(5) Promotion and Marketing Cost of Trampoline Park (According to the Actual Situation of Venue Marketing Input)

Advertisements, promotions, daily activities, etc

2. Return on Investment of Trampoline Park

The decisive factor affecting the return rate of trampoline park is the flow of people. If the location of trampoline park is good and the marketing publicity is well done, the return cycle of trampoline park is particularly short. Taking a certain trampoline Park as an example, the venue area is nearly 8000 square meters, with an overall investment of more than 8 million yuan. From December to March of the next year, the overall investment has basically returned.

The cost recovery cycle of bounce trampoline park is determined by the actual input of the venue size and the operation level of the venue. According to the current situation of some trampoline parks, some of them can recover the cost from half a year to more than a year. For example, the investment cost of a 1000 square trampoline park is about 1 million yuan, the average monthly income of the park is between 180~350 thousand, and the annual income is between 2~3 million.

Trampoline park investment is to pursue returns, which is the core priority for all investors. Therefore, investors must plan ahead and treat it with great caution.

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