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What Is the Expense of Investment in Trampoline Park?

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What Is the Expense of Investment in Trampoline Park

In order to establish an interesting and beautiful jump zone, we need to make plans of design and decoration. Additionally, to achieve the plan, a large amount of money should be invested and used in a planned way. Therefore, we will introduce the expense type of the investment in trampoline park, expecting to help you to some extent.

1. Site Requirements

First of all, we need to know if there are any special requirements for the site when we choose it. In addition, we need to determine the size of the site according to various situations. In terms of special requirements, the site requirements of trampoline park are regular shape, few columns and height of more than 5.2 meters. Basic positioning is also very important, because every investor needs to have basic positioning for trampoline park, such as the age of consumers and colors of decoration and so on. If the trampoline park is mainly for the age of 3-12 years, the site can be about 300 square meters. If the trampoline park is for all ages, it is recommended to be more than 600 square meters.

2. Market Research

In addition, we should do a good job in the market research of jump trampoline park. We can prepare for the site selection by knowing the surrounding conditions. Market demand and potential analysis include population, economic level, income level, consumption capacity, etc. Industry trend analysis mainly investigates the operation of recreational and sports venues in the targeted area to understand the development potential of the area, such as video game hall, bowling alley, fitness center, etc. Competition analysis is to investigate whether there are competitors, so investors need to consider comprehensively to get the targeted area.

3. Cost Assessment

Furthermore, we need to know about the property situation in the targeted area and the flow of people around. Only by analyzing this knowledge can we choose the right site. On the one hand, a variety of factors can help us choose a reasonable location, such as people flow test, customer capability comparison, visibility and convenience. On the other hand, on the basis of understanding the market price, area division, engineering property, supporting conditions and ownership nature, we can select the site for trampoline park with high cost performance according to the investment budget.

4. Site Selection

4.1 Shopping Mall

The shopping mall is the main place for people to shop and eat out. Its advantage for jump zone is the large flow of people, but it generally has the disadvantages of small area, limited height and high cost.

4.2 Warehouse Transformation

Warehouse is often used for goods storage and logistics transfer. If this site is used for trampoline park, it is big enough to place various equipment, so that we can build a comprehensive jump trampoline park. At the same time, due to the remote location of the warehouse and the limited flow of people, the rent is relatively cheaper.

4.3 Shopping Mall Atrium

Shopping mall atrium is also a good choice for building a trampoline park. Similar to the shopping mall, the flow of people is also large, and it has the advantage of unlimited height. However, the site is generally a little small, and the relevant management is relatively difficult.

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