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What Is The Role Of The Indoor Soft Playground Handcrafted Area?

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In recent years, the indoor soft playground has set up a handcrafted area. There are many puzzles, building block games and other forms of games that minors like to see. It does not require equipment or fixed investment. It can be operated as long as a venue. So, what's the role of the indoor soft playground handcrafted area?

indoor playground handcrafted area

The article contains the following:

1. Exercise the practical ability of minors

2. What settings are needed in the handcrafted area

3. How much area is needed for the handcrafted area

4. Job Responsibilities of handcrafted area

1.First, exercise the hands-on ability of minors

What is the role of the indoor soft playground handcrafted area? Minors are more active and full of curiosity about the world. It is a good time to exercise their hands-on ability. For example, many puzzles can not only increase children's cognitive ability, but also can understand an unknown world through puzzles. To exercise people's abstract thinking, children from three to five years old are about to develop this ability.

2. what settings are needed in the handcrafted area

For convenience, the indoor soft playground will add a layer of rubber cushion on the ground, draw many cartoon patterns, and pile all the toys that need to be handcrafted on the ground. The children can operate at will. In addition, there must be sufficient lighting to avoid dim lighting. As a result, the eyesight of the children is affected, and it is necessary to increase management positions, so that the ingenious aunt can take the children to play games and provide guidance at any time.

3.Third, how much area is needed for the handicraft area

As a newly opened game category, an area is demarcated in the small business area, but it does not need to be too large. 15 square meters to 16 square meters is enough. It can accommodate more than a dozen children. It is over in the game area. After playing, go to the manual area for hands-on training.

soft playground handcrafted area-1

4.Fourth, the job responsibilities of the handcrafted area

Children are often unfamiliar with puzzle games, and some complex game projects have never been played, so indoor soft playground handcrafted area will usually be equipped with a counselling aunt. As a temporary supervisor of children, not only to give guidance during the game, but also need to be protected The children are not harmed and maintain the order in the game place. When the parents come to claim the children, she can cooperate with them and send them to us.

What is the role of the indoor soft playground handcrafted area. The above gives the perfect answer. Of all the game projects, only the artisanal area does not require large investments. The young children need more training. Parents also hope that in addition to sports games, there are some quiet thinking projects. , So this category came into being, which is determined by the market


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