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What Benefits Can Be Gained By Joining The Extreme Trampoline Of A Good Brand?

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For investors, there are many situations where they do not understand the industry they want to invest in. What should we do when this happens? Choosing a good brand to join is definitely a smart choice. Nowadays, more people see the unlimited development potential of trampoline parks and want to join this industry. The market is already saturated. It may be a better choice to choose a new project to join. Nowadays people choose the extreme trampoline. This new project is developed on the basis of the trampoline, which is more high-end atmosphere than the trampoline. A few grades, many people will ask how much is it to join an extreme trampoline? What benefits can a good brand bring us? Below we invite professionals to answer these two questions for us.

This article includes the following

1. What is the franchise fee of the brand

2. How much is the technology transfer fee

3. How much does product marketing cost


1. What is the brand's joining fee?

How much does it cost to join an extreme trampoline? Here refers to the brand's joining fee. When choosing to join the project, each brand needs to have a certain joining fee, and these fees can also help the brand's long-term development. Today, there are many successful cases of extreme trampolines across the country. In the development process, it is always based on the market, so join the brand and rely on the influence of the brand to promote the development of their own projects. Excellent brands are influential, and investors can reduce their advertising costs. For the Volkswagen brand, the franchise fee is generally around 30,000 to 50,000 yuan. If the franchise fee for the high-end brand in the industry is above 100,000 yuan, investors choose their own brand to join according to their investment budget.

2. What is the cost of technology transfer?

How much does it cost to join an extreme trampoline in this industry? This also includes technology transfer fees. When we choose a brand, the company headquarters will provide us with all technical support and management support for free. There is no second charge, so the franchise fee can also be regarded as a technology transfer fee.


3. How much does product marketing cost?

The cost of joining this project is not fixed, and other costs will also appear in the actual operating process. And the specific factors such as the limit trampoline area, venue size, and decoration will also directly affect the cost of the venue investment. The main factors of each investment cost are promotion costs, miscellaneous fees, equipment costs, decoration costs, and rental costs. Among these specific link factors, some specific measures can be adopted to reduce investment and increase profitability.

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