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What Areas to Include in a Large Indoor Trampoline Park

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Now the super hot indoor trampoline park has become a popular way to attract entertainment regardless of age, it is a good place for everyone to find joy, fitness, entertainment and release pressure. What areas you need to combine in a large indoor trampoline park? This is a problem that many investors will consider when choosing to enter the indoor trampoline park industry, because this involves not only costs but also some of their own knowledge blind spots. So what are the components of the large indoor trampoline park?  We will advise the below for your consideration in the hope that you will have clear layout plan for your project.

1. Entertainment Area

The entertainment area is the core area of the entire indoor trampoline park. The trampoline games are also the main profit. Now let's take a look at the popular entertainment games included in the trampoline park.

1) Professional trampoline: Professional trampoline contains soft and strong, high elasticity, is a trampoline more suitable for professionals.

2) Ninja Course: Training players' physical strength is an expansion project for the ninja warriors.

Dodgeball: This is a form of fancy dodgeball that is not for childhood and is also the key to the game. Accurate hitting and quick and agile dodge ability.

3) Foam climbing: When a soft sponge ball is installed under the climbing wall, it not only plays a protective role, but also adds a sense of security and fun to climbing.

4) Slam Dunk: There are no specific game rules, only you can jump and dunk as you like to win the highest score.

Free trampoline: This type of trampoline is mainly suitable for junior trampoline players, the elasticity is relatively moderate.

 What Areas to Include in a Large Indoor Trampoline Park (2)

2. Supporting Service Area

The supporting service area are the ancillary areas for the entertainment one, such as a rest area and a retail area like selling beverages and snacks. The role of these places is that in addition to the entertainment area, everyone can also play and rest here, which is also a way to enhance the revenue of the trampoline park, because the retail area set up in the trampoline park can bring good experience or service for clients by selling snacks and souvenirs.

 What Areas to Include in a Large Indoor Trampoline Park (3)

3. Cashier Area

The cash register area is an indispensable part of every offline store, mainly for the order of the entire park cash register and a space to solve everyone's problems. The cashier section is generally located at the entrance to the venue, and is also the most prominent location in the venue. Players can consult the price and some basic information of the trampoline park here, and can answer questions for players. Of course, as the facade of a trampoline park, it is necessary to have certain responsibilities and decoration. The decoration must conform to the theme of the trampoline park, and it must be simple and elegant yet lively.

Liben as the professional trampoline park builder, we'd love to work with you to offer the most satisfying indoor trampoline park layout plan for you. If interested, please feel free to contact us. 


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