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What Are The Types Of Donut Slide?

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For those who are familiar with the children's playground industry, the most popular game today is the donut slide. More tourists come to the park to experience the excitement and charm of the donut slide. Let's talk about the types of donut slides, and what aspects should be paid attention to in the process of slide design! Make your investment more secure. Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the project content!

This article includes the following:

1. Introduction to the donut slides

2. What types of donut slide and related data

3. How to solve the problem if the slide is not exciting enough

Donut slide

1. Introduction to the donut slides

The earliest donut slide was developed from dry snow, and this project is a development branch of skiing. We will all see skiing in large-scale competitions. It can be divided into two parts: skateboarding and speed skating on ice. The donut slide we see today is a relatively expensive entertainment device. It has a super exciting track, and a variety of gameplay methods add to the fun of the project. In the process of sliding, players can enjoy Enjoy the sense of loss of control, slippage, rotation, and collision. Its appearance is only two or three years, so if you are interested in the project, join it!

2. What types of donut slide and related data

In the process of designing the donut slide, we need to consider other factors, such as the surrounding environment, local weather, supporting projects and auxiliary facilities. In addition, we need to consider the relevant situation of the target customer group and the consumption level of local consumers. Only careful planning can ensure the smoothness of later operations.

There are generally five types of donut slides: comprehensive slope, steep slope, medium slope, gentle slope, and primary gentle slope. This is divided according to the type of slope. For the primary gentle slope, its slope value is less than five degrees; the slope value of the gentle slope is five to ten degrees; the slope value of the middle slope is ten to twenty degrees; the slope value of the steep slope is Twenty to thirty degrees; the final comprehensive slope is a complex of multiple slopes, where you can experience donut slides with different slope values, making the game more exciting.

Donut slide-2

3. How to solve the problem if the donut slide is not exciting enough

For beginners, it is recommended to start with a gentle slope, but for tourists who are familiar with this project, during the course of the game, they will encounter that the donut slide is not smooth or the donut slide is not exciting enough, so what should be done What? Professionals can add more balls according to the slope of the field to make up for the shortcomings and speed up the decline.


I take my kids to play on weekends, but the weather is raining, so where to go to play is more appropriate. Many people think that indoor playgrounds are definitely good. Not affected by the weather, allowing children to play as much as they want. Many parents are very supportive. After all, children have to play as much as they want in addition to normal studies.


Indoor soft play entertainment facilities have become a very popular project now. There are some professional playgrounds in Germany and France that are particularly classic, which makes us feel the feeling of a happy castle. If we want to operate an amusement park, how do we choose the right manufacturer?


Indoor soft play are more popular now. There are actually many places to attract tourists. Tourists like indoor projects. In fact, it is more convenient and there are no restrictions. No matter what kind of weather conditions it is. play. Now let's take a look at what kind of places investors have used to attract you.


Many people who are interested in investment and entrepreneurship are looking forward to finding a good entrepreneurial project, and the indoor climbing project brings everyone an opportunity to break through and create more profits. However, the current entertainment economy is developing rapidly.


As a popular form of exercise, indoor trampoline has quickly gained the favor of consumers around the world. The novel form of entertainment can not only consume a lot of excess calories, but also achieve the purpose of exercising and relaxing the body and mind.


Regarding investment, many people will look at their investment in the entertainment industry. Playground facilities and fun park trampoline parks are relatively interesting entertainment investment industries. Such investment is relatively profitable. Is the trampoline park a big investment?

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