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What Are The Main Customer Groups For Small Indoor Trampoline?

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The main customer group of small indoor trampoline is children, and the investment of small indoor trampolines is not very large, because this investment equipment does not cost too much money, and because it belongs to indoor trampolines, this scale will not be particularly large. If you invest in this project, it is actually quite good. Now let’s understand how to invest and understand the characteristics of your customer base.

This article contains the following:

1. Consumer group consumption is a continuous and repetitive consumption

2. How to buy equipment

3. Is the manufacturer's after-sales service important?

4. Skills in choosing shop address

indoor trampoline-1

First, consumer group consumption is continuous and repeated consumption

The customer base of small indoor trampolines belongs to children. One of the characteristics of children’s consumption is continuous and repetitive consumption. For example, children like to come to this indoor park to play, then when the next weekend, the children still I would like to come to this place to play. Many of the parks have discount cards for children. In fact, the children do not play for a long time because of their limited physical strength, but each time they spend more times, if they can offer a discount, the service Better, naturally there are many customers, this consumer group is really very powerful.

Second, how to buy equipment

How to buy these small indoor trampoline equipment? First of all, you have to look at a certain manufacturer. You can search the ranking on the Internet to see which ranking is the top. Then you can go to take a look at this product, and then understand that product, and finally decide to buy Which manufacturer's product, the type of small indoor trampoline equipment depends on the manufacturer of the manufacturer's product is basically rich in products, are some large manufacturers. Therefore, it is recommended that you can find a large-scale manufacturer with a good reputation for purchase.

Third, is it important for manufacturers to provide after-sales service?

The after-sales service of the manufacturer is very important. The main thing is the after-sales of the product. This aspect of the later maintenance work is more important. Ask the manufacturer for the specific after-sales situation.

Fourth, there are tips for choosing a store address

Small indoor trampoline are actually tricky to choose the address of the store. If you choose to be near a large residential area, there will be more children. Do not choose to be near the university. The consumption power of the children near the university is still not enough.

indoor trampoline-2

The investment prospect of the small indoor trampoline is very good, and it is a one-time investment, and it is continuously profitable in the later period. If you are right, you can make an investment.


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