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Types of Children’s Play Equipment

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Types of Children’s Play Equipment

Now more and more children love to go to the children’s playground, and there are a variety of amusement equipment in the children’s playground. The children’s amusement equipment is the core foundation of a playground operating. Let’s see the types of playground equipment.

1. Comprehensive amusement items

Mentioning the most popular children amusement projects, I have to talk about naughty castles, intrepid games, expansion paradise and other comprehensive amusement projects. This kind of project is designed for children who like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, shaking, etc. It covers the three aspects of sea, land and air. It has a variety of styles and is loved by children.

2. Educational items

The concept of edutainment is a new kind of children's play concept, which means to make children happy to learn. Design some special game items so that children can get happiness and knowledge from the game while participating in the game. For example, children's simulated driving school allows children to experience various traffic scenarios, educate children about the correct traffic behavior, and cultivate their safety traffic awareness, which is in line with the most popular trend. Children's Career Experience Hall is a place where teenagers learn and experience the real world by simulating and experiencing adult professions and roles. This kind of project allows children to experience social occupations and develop new educational functions of social adaptability early, which is very popular with parents.

3. Stimulating amusement items

Children always like to fresh and exciting games, and like to challenge all kinds of difficulties, which will make them feel very excited. These projects can help children develop good qualities to be brave, to challenge different tasks and overcome difficulties. For example, a live-action CS is a high-tech entertainment activity that integrates sports and games into one. Children can wear the military uniform of their dreams and participate in battle like heroic warriors, which can improve children's physical fitness, reaction ability, unity and cooperation spirit, etc.

4. Parent-child amusement items

The interactive, parent-child and educational projects are conducive to promoting parent-child relationships, not only attracting children, but also attracting parents who are happy to pay for their children. For example, parent-child baking achieves the purpose of interactive communication through the efforts of parents and children to complete exquisite baking works by hand. Parents and children not only increase their intimacy in the process of exploring, but also gain a lot of baking knowledge. The mirror maze combines the characteristics of experience, science and education, and many interesting things will happen to children and parents in this virtual maze, which is very popular in the market.

5. Role-playing items

Indoor play centers such as children's simulation driving school, children's job experience museum, real-life CS and so on are welcomed by kids. The role-playing children's project has different characteristics for different age levels, so that children can play and experience various occupations and character roles. For example, children can transform into "little doctors", diagnose the patients' conditions in "hospitals", and treat the patients; transform into small firefighters, extinguish people at the "fire scene" to save people ... All these works children are usually curious but have no chance to try can be realized one by one in role-playing children's equipment.

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