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Trampoline Park Marketing Activity Planning: Trampoline Hall Valentine's Day Activities This paper mainly introduces some marketing activities planned by trampoline park to attract more people to part

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Trampoline Park Marketing Activity Planning: Trampoline Hall Valentine's Day Activities

In the past, amusement parks were played by children. The reason why there is no exclusive playground for adults is that the traditional amusement park can not meet the needs of adults. However, the emergence of jump trampoline park has changed the way of young people's amusement.

All of this comes from the rich projects of trampoline park, such as art climbing, plum blossom pile, jumping tower and other challenging projects, as well as the interactive projects such as online star bridge swinging, sponge pool confrontation and clapping happiness. There are also customized high-altitude dry snow, devil's slide, high-altitude slide and other exciting projects that can make people scream, as well as spider man, sponge pool, million ocean balls and other fun projects.

So for jump trampoline park investors, how to do some activities for adults? Take Valentine's day, which is the most popular holiday for young people, as a starting point for a successful trampoline marketing campaign. Let's take a look at the specific situation of the activity.

Valentine's day in trampoline park must be the happiest, because it can not only increase mutual understanding, but also relax and release pressure. So how to use trampoline equipment to do activities? Here are some interesting activities of customs clearance competition of marketing event in Valentine's day in the trampoline park.

1. Activity One - Looking for Sponge Pool

Participants stand in the high platform area of the sponge pool, then jump into the sponge pool under the guidance of the staff, and quickly search for dice from the sponge pool and climb to the designated place to roll dice. They should roll dice in the order of 5, 2 and 1 and should not be in random order. Each person has only three chances at a time. If the three chances are used up, another person will relay. If they roll 5, 2 and 1 in order, they will pass the checkpoint.

2. Activity Two - You Are My Eyes

One contestant is blindfolded. The other contestant directs. The blindfolded person follows the instructions to find the balloon on the free trampoline and pinches it. When three balloons are sit or stepped on, the customs will be gone through smoothly.

3. Activity Three - Shooting Basketball / Princess Hug

Participants are free to choose customs clearance methods.

(1) Shooting Basketball

One contestant sits cross legged on the jumping surface, and another contestant jumps on the jumping surface. The sitting contestant is driven by the elasticity. The count starts from the bottom of the cross legged contestant leaving the jumping surface, and the level passes after 7 jumps in a row.

(2) Princess Hug

One contestant lies on the trampoline while the other stands. If the standing contestant springs another contestant up and holds him by the elasticity of the jumping bed, he will pass the level (There are only three challenges in this level).

4. Activity Four - Air Rendezvous

The two participants choose the track, start from both ends and meet in the air, then pass the checkpoint. It is only necessary to meet in the air, and there is no specific meeting place. If it fails in the middle, it will start again (There are only three challenges in this level).

5. Activity Five - Magpie Bridge Meeting

Both sides of the competition start to set out at both ends of the bridge. One of them holds a balloon, and the staff in the sponge area attacks it with sponge. If the two people meet successfully, hug and squeeze the balloon on the bridge, then it means they pass the checkpoint. The balloon can not be burst by hand. If one side falls, start again(There are only three challenges in this level).

6. Activity Six - I Want to Tell You

One contestant is free to choose a slide, the other is waiting under the slide. The person above should say three love words to the other loudly when he/she slides down. After he/she slides down, they hug each other and then the customs clearance is completed.

The rich projects of trampoline park have attracted many young people's eyes and changed their ways of amusement. In fact, as long as a little more thought is added, people can still have many new and interesting activities.

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