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Trampoline Park Equipment
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Trampoline Park Equipment

Amusement facilities of the bounce trampoline park attraction are now the preferred form of entertainment for consumers, and merchant should pay more attention to the safety of their equipment.
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Trampoline Park Equipment _ Liben Group

Trampoline park equipment

trampoline park equipment with high quality

Customized trampoline park equipment


Product Introduction

Trampoline park equipment is the premise of the development of a trampoline park and also the core of the operation in the later stage. If there is no trampoline park equipment, there are no customers. Therefore, trampoline park equipment is not only a key factor affecting the success of the trampoline park, but also a driving force for customers' consumption.


There are numerous equipment in a trampoline park. Usually there are a trampoline area for adults, a trampoline area for children, a dodgeball area, a slam dunk area, super slides, an ocean ball pool area, a spider wall area, a climbing net area, EPP building area and so on. These equipment are customized according to the different demands of human body, such as the slam dunk area is satisfied with the development of basketball, and the climbing net area is to exercise the arm core strength of human body.



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Price of Trampoline Park Equipment

Now many investors are very concerned about the investment situation of the trampoline park, because the entrepreneurial value of trampoline park is very high, and many people care about the investment cost of a trampoline park. Now domestic entertainment market is gradually developed, and various leisure attractions is on the rise. At the same time, the competition between every industry is fiercer. Therefore, trampoline park equipment with good quality not only can control the initial investment cost, but also can guarantee later operations, to make the trampoline park a popular leisure place for young people.


How to choose high-quality trampoline park equipment is one of the main factors directly affecting the price. For the initial investors, choosing a well-known manufacturer can bring themselves following advantages: production technology, product quality, after-sales guarantee and other aspects.


To ensure a safe and comfortable entertainment environment, trampoline park equipment must be produced by environmental and safe materials, and all of the safety components must be complied with national standards, such as the thickness of the steel tube, strength, scope, elastic density of the climbing net and so on.

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Q: The price of trampoline park equipment?

A: Based on a 100-square-meter trampoline park, the price of trampoline park equipment, from equipment acquisition to transportation and installation, is about 100,000 yuan.


Q: What are the common indoor trampoline park equipment?

A: There are various equipment in a trampoline park. There are usually adult trampoline area, children's area, dodgeball area, slam dunk area, super slide area, ocean ball pool area, as well as supporting service areas in different degrees, such as changing area, sales area, membership area and so on.


Q: trampoline belongs to sports equipment or amusement equipment?

A: It mainly depends on where the trampoline is used. Trampoline can be classified into a certain level. If it is a trampoline for professional athletes, it must be different in design. The trampoline in children play center is the amusement equipment.

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