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Trampoline Park Equipment Builder
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Trampoline Park Equipment Builder

Trampoline park equipment is a competitive sport in which athletes use acrobatics to rebound from a trampoline. It belongs to a type of gymnastics. The trampoline is called "air ballet".  Trampoline park equipment can be applied to commercial parks, residential communities and shipping mall, etc.
  • 5.LE.B8.812.291.01
  • Liben
  • 5.LE.B8.812.291.01

What is Trampoline Park Equipment?

Trampoline park equipment is a competitive sport in which athletes use acrobatics to rebound from a trampoline. It belongs to a type of gymnastics. The trampoline is called "air ballet".  Trampoline park equipment can be applied to commercial parks, residential communities and shipping mall, etc.


Trampoline park equipment is popular in the world as many as several thousand, but new sports and new forms of sports are constantly updated. Both adults and children can use the trampoline to perform various sports and games to fully relax their body and mood. 95% of the participants are playing the trampoline for the first time. There are various types of trampoline and trampoline activities in the experience venue. Professional trampoline athletes are fully committed. A successful playground project will become a landmark building in the area, which will attracts parents and children to enjoy great time there. 


Liben Group has been deeply devoted to the development and construction of trampoline park equipment for many years. We have a professional team for trampoline park design and are expected to create unique-looking structure as well as fantastic parent-child play space. So far we built hundreds of projects all over the world, and look forward to cooperating with you.

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Trampoline Park Equipment Basic Info.

Item No.: 5.LE.B8.812.291.01

Product Size: 48*30*9m

Material: Galvanized steel pipe, PVC, PP

Age Range: Above 5 years old

Capacity Advise:  60-80



FAQ about Trampoline Park Equipment:

1.Can we customized the trampoline park equipment?

Answer: Yes, all of our products can be customized.


2.Can you provide contact information and address of your cooperated clients?

Answer: Please tell us your location so that we can help you to contact our clients and ask for their approval.


3.What's the age limit for trampoline park equipment?

Answer: Different products have different age limits, for example FEC is suitable for people of all age groups. Adventure Park and Trampoline Park are suitable for kids age above 5 years old. As for indoor soft playground, the kids under the age of 7 will enjoy it more.

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