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The preparatory preparation for the opening of the trampoline park after the epidemic

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The Preparatory Preparation for the Opening of the Trampoline Park after the Epidemic

In order to ensure that the trampoline park is safely restored to open and normal operation order, the person in charge should cooperate with the implementation of the control of pneumonia epidemic infected by novel coronavirus and prevent the rebound of the epidemic to ensure the health and safety of all employees and consumers. So how should the trampoline park be disinfected?

Material Preparation

The trampoline park should prepare and raise materials needed for epidemic prevention and control, such as 75% medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer, disposable hand sanitizer, watering can, disposable protective mask (general medical surgical protective mask or N95 / KN95 type mask) , Disinfection machines and disinfectants for playgrounds, etc.

Publicity and Education on Prevention and Control

The propaganda and education of all types of epidemic prevention and control within the trampoline park need to be launched to spread the knowledge of employees on the prevention and control of new coronaviruses. In addition, the internal epidemic prevention and control contact group needs to be established to carry out joint epidemic prevention and control.

Statistics and Data Collection

Trampoline park not only need to collect statistics on the status of reinstatement personnel to formulate plans for reinstatement and opening of parks, but also collect guidance documents on epidemic prevention work from governments at all levels, hospitals, health supervision bureaus, local disease control centers, and social epidemic prevention agencies to understand the social and local for the overall progress of the epidemic prevention work, sort out and analyze the relevant information, and submit the follow-up epidemic prevention work to the epidemic prevention and control team according to the collected information.

Implement the Promotion Work

Trampoline park can use various channels and methods such as the WeChat public account of the trampoline park, the fan group of the trampoline park, the official video account of the trampoline park and other ways to implement the publicity of the daily epidemic prevention work of the trampoline park, which can also release daily disinfection and sanitation cleaning tools and work records of trampoline parks.

Resumption of Employees

The person in charge of each department (or designated agent) must be on duty every day during business hours, and individuals who meet the requirements for resumption of work should normally go to and from work as scheduled. Each department shall establish regulations for the management of epidemic prevention, which shall be implemented to individuals and strictly assessed. Before the hygienic and disinfection work of the trampoline park is completed, non-authorized personnel other than those of the trampoline park are prohibited from entering.

Ventilation and Disinfection

After opening all doors and windows for one hour, spray the disinfectant or alcohol in the order of "public area", "play area", and "other areas". In particular, food processing and storage areas such as water bar counters and simple restaurant operating tables and other places where people often touch handles must be initially disinfected with alcohol. Finally, the trampoline park conducts a thorough overall hygiene clean-up.

From the first day of resumption of work to the opening of the park, at least 2-3 times of overall sanitary cleaning work should be carried out on the trampoline park every day. Starting from the overall sanitary cleaning of the trampoline park, spray disinfectant or alcohol to each area of the trampoline park every hour every day. After the completion of the first overall sanitation cleanup, the daily noon and afternoon working hours, the trampoline park special disinfection machine needs to be turned on for 30 minutes. which disinfects various areas of the trampoline park, such as cabinets, soft bags, props, equipment, ocean balls, sponge pools, etc.

Combined with the actual situation, the staff should pay attention to the sanitation, hygiene and anti-epidemic work of the trampoline park in order to allow tourists to play without hesitation.

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