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The Theme Playground of Indoor Colorful Candy House
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The Theme Playground of Indoor Colorful Candy House

The design inspiration of indoor theme playground of warm beach town is from the beach beside the sea. The nature of children is playing water, playing sand and other projects that are close to the nature, so we upgrade and produce these fun and interesting natural playground equipment, which makes children feel outdoor amusement experience even if indoors.
  • LE.BF.A02.25.00
  • Liben
  • LE.BF.A02.25.00

The theme playground of indoor colorful candy house—Liben Group

The theme playground of indoor colorful house

The customization of indoor theme playground equipment

The supplier of indoor playground equipment customization

Product Parameter

Product Name: The theme playground of indoor colorful candy house

Product brand: Liben Group

Product model number: LE.BF.A02.25.00

Product size: 26*12m

Product colors: picture color or customized

Using material:engineering plastic, PE plate, galvanized steelnpipe, 304 stainless steel

Product feature: certificated by GS, wear well and durable, no rust outdoors

Product usage: cultivate children’s independent personality, exercise their body, strengthen their brain and enhance their intelligence. Not limited by the site, it can be installed no matter indoor or outdoor or the irregular site, and it’s easy to manage.

Transportation and installation: high quality logistics transportation with soft packs and wooden frame fixed all the way, and guarantee all the goods will not destroyed; the professional installing worker will always track project progress.

Product introduction

The theme of Candy Soft  Play is mainly composed of colorful candy shapes, warm color theme as the concept, plus the children’s amusement software electronic equipment inside. At the same time, the theme indoor children’s playground of candy house series has various colors, a collection of various colors makes the whole playground more eye-catching and attractive.

The application and combination of these colors are the technical creations of the designers in the research results of color researches and children’s researchers, which are conducive to the development and healthy growth of children’s intelligence.in the park, there are lollipop slides, glass ball sea poll, and animal and fruit elements are used in the park. Cute animals and fruits with eyes add the vitality and energy for the whole set of slide, which is favored by children.

indoor children’s playground-1Product price

When choosing and buying soft play and other playground equipments, in many cases, many investors pay attention to whether they buy an more expensive equipment. If they buy with a high price, and see a cheaper one in other suppliers, then they will think they have lost money and bought too much, but they will not consider the value of a supplier. In fact, the value of a brand supplier is not only reflected in the price of goods, but also reflected in the service.

Generally, the products produced in regular large brand supplier not only have good qualities, but also have affordable price, and it can meet your more requirements of post-sale services. If there is some problems about the equipment quality or the post issues, they will send person to repair it in time, so as to fundamentally solve the problems of children’s safety in the process of play, which can be said to be truly cost-effective.

In any cases, we suggest that, when buying equipment, any buyer of indoor playground equipment should not only pay attention to the price and the picture design. There is no wrong sale buy wrong purchase. Some businesses will replace the orginal materials with the different materials or the defective materials. In order to avoid such a situation, when buying, try to choose a good reputation qualification unit, should put safety quality in the first place.

indoor children’s playground-2


Q: What kind of certifications are needed to open indoor soft play ?

A: Business license, fire safety certification, please ask continuously if any question.

Q: What’s the quotation of children’s  soft play  equipment?

A: It’s about hundred yuan each square meter, and it’s planned according to the floor areas and the design style of the site.

Q: What are the good supplier of soft play  to recommend?

A: Liben Group specializes in the production of indoor children’s playground equipment products, the establishment of high-end entertainment service industry indicators, the construction of integrated indoor playground brand suppliers, professional matching high-end amusement equipment.

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