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The Price Of Indoor Playground Equipment Sand Pool
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The Price Of Indoor Playground Equipment Sand Pool

Children indoor playground is a new generation of children's activity center. Naughty castles, such as jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, rolling and other multi-purpose amusement parks. It can be said that it is a brand new children's paradise, and the essence of children playing at the same time can cultivate independent and calm brain problems.
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The price of indoor playground equipment sand pool—Liben Group

Children’s indoor playground equipment project

Indoor playground equipment sand pool project

The price of indoor sand pool project

Product parameter

Product name: indoor playground equipment sand pool project

Product brand: Liben Group

Product size: 400*400 or customized

Product material: nano sand,steel frame

Use of age: 3 and above

Use of place: communities, playground, landscape project, self-build place

Product feature: certified by GS, safe and environmental, healthy and odorless

Product usage: as an interesting amusement project in indoor playground, on the premise of safe and environmental,sand pool project can develop toddlers’ sense ability. develop toddlers’ sense of touch

Product introduction

What indoor playground equipment notices is the interest as well as safety. But some parents don’t allow their kids to play in sand pool because there’s too much sand. So we use semen cassiae sand to replace general sea sand. The advantage is very obvious, it’s safe even if eating a little semen cassiae sand by mistake. But just because of it, the price of semen cassiae sand is much higher than general sea sand, nearly about 5 to 10 times higher. And the usage quantity will be the same with sea sand, so the price will be at least 3 times higher than sea sand.

However, comprehensively speaking, it’s important to pay attention to the safety when using sand indoors. So we use nano sand that is aggregated with inorganic powder and plant extracts at a high temperature. It is a kind of sand similar to tiny colourful stones with smooth texture and bright colors. And it has passed the SGS test, safe and environmental. The colour of the stones will not fade even if washed in water, so it is easy to take care of compared with other sand.

sand pool-1

Product price

The price of investing children’s indoor sand pool project is affected by many external factors. For example, equipment should be passed by every professional test and the configuration should be qualitied, so the price is relative to the selected products. Besides, there should be more moreategories of equipments. For example, the price of basic trampoline equipment is much lower, but the price will be higher if with plug-in configuration. Suggest combining several categories together, which can not only save cost but also have a lot of patterns. And some operators are vague about the locating pales of sand pool and other playground projects.

What the locating places of indoor playground equipment should be  paid attention to is the programmatic and subjectivity. So between each equipment, a themed environment should be set, so that children can be clear at a glance what is his favorite playground equipment. Besides, if want to keep the attraction of playground, you can put the largest new equipment in the most obvious place during operation, making the equipment more attractive.

Relatively speaking, indoor playground equipment have more advantages, from the material requirement, if sand pool project is in outdoor for a long time, then it should always be taken care of. But indoors, it just needs a fixed location, which can save a lot of manpower resources. Generally speaking, the price of indoor playground equipment is much more modest. No matter the price or other factors, it belongs to a product with high cost performance. 

sand pool-2

Q and A

Q: How often to do maintenance of indoor playground equipment?

A: Suggest doing a small maintenance once a week, all-sided inspection once a month, a large maintenance once a year.

Q: Is it difficult to install indoor playground equipment?

A: It’s not so difficult to install because we offer detailed installation drawing. But be sure to be careful and pay attention to the installation of the little screws.

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