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The Most Popular Children's Play Equipment

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The Most Popular Children's Play Equipment

Open a children's playground, faced with a variety of children's playground equipment products on the market, how should investors choose? Everyone has a herd mentality, and once the amusement equipment in the children’s paradise has gained popularity, creating a lively atmosphere, it is easy to attract new customers. So which children's play equipment is more popular in the children's playground and can attract customers?

1. Naughty Castle

Naughty Castle is one of the most classic children's play equipment. The area can be large or small, and various items can be freely combined and matched. The most important thing is that the naughty castle can be used by many people at the same time. Many children concentrate on playing in the naughty castle, which can attract the attention of other children to join the playing.

2. The ball pool

Ball Pool Breakthrough is a competitive indoor play equipment that can accommodate multiple people at the same time. The biggest advantage of this game lies in its strong stimulating and entertaining, which allows children to experience the passion of competition and the joy of success. The ball pool also known as the king of popularity in amusement equipment.

3. Electronic games

Electronic game equipment is undoubtedly one of the popular kings in children's playground. Most electronic game devices can only be used by one or two people at a time, but devices such as shake music, grab doll machines, gophers, and basketball machines have a strong appeal to children, so we often see in front of a video game often gathers a bunch of children waiting to play.

4. Projection slide

The projection slide has a full sense of technology. When children slide down the slide, their body movements and speeds will be captured by the video sensing system. Various bright multimedia effects will appear on the slide where the body passes. Virtual animals and monsters interaction to make the slide process more exciting and fun. Compared with traditional amusement equipment, the interactive projection slide is very eye-catching and very popular with children.

5. Parent-child baking

Parents can carry out various indoor playground activities when accompanying their children, which can not only enhance the parent-child relationship, but also exercise the child's ability and imagination. Children can learn the common sense of life from baking, inspire children's rich imagination, and cultivate children's sense of labor. The process of waiting for baking makes children learn to be patient, help children establish a sense of cooperation, and they can make friends through baking.

6. Jungle sniper

The most popular indoor simulation shooting game, using a simulation game gun simulator to shoot a variety of animals such as pheasants in a beautiful scenery of the original forest, wearing high-definition 3D glasses during the game, with live surround stereo audio, using computer technology to generate a realistic, virtual environment with multiple perceptions of sight, hearing, etc., makes the experiencer feel immersive. Boys love these kinds of game very much.

7. Pottery Museum

With the gradual heating up of ceramic art, ceramic products have gained more and more people's favor. Making ceramic art by yourself has become another leisure way for people to relax and release themselves after work and study. Parents bring their children to the ceramic art museum to jointly create unique pottery products not only relax themselves, but also increase the interaction between parents and children.

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