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The Marketing Plan of Trampoline Park

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The Marketing Plan of Trampoline Park

With the development of indoor playground and outdoor playground, the project of trampoline park has become the popular activity for the people. Generally people often think that Trampoline Park is the activity for children, in fact, it has widely become the sports for all the people especially for the teenagers and young people. Now it adds dozens of projects including dry ski slope, rock climbing, devil slides and so on. Some activities are welcomed by young people. Trampoline park is also defined as a dynamic place with a blend of sports, amusement and competition.


There are some advantages to invest the project of indoor trampoline park. Comparing with other industries, it is relatively simple and the cost of investment is not so much. If the operators want to do better, it needs to work out meticulous daily management to improve the customers’ reputation to ensure the customers. For example, the equipments and activities need to be attractive and interesting. In order to better operate Trampoline Park, the investors had better to make the marketing plan for the business. Here we will discuss how to carry out the marketing plan for trampoline park.


1. Pay attention to update the theme activities constantly

The purpose of the theme activities is to attract the customers, that needs the themes are diversified. At the same time, it can enhance the image and atmosphere of the whole park as well. The game can be divided as personal activity for one fun or group activity to let more people to participate. The operators can set prizes to reward the winners to increase the stickiness and returning customers. If people find fun from the themes and love the activities, they will be the best moving advertisement of indoor trampoline park.


2. Increase more interesting group activities for families or companies etc.

Usually the purpose of people to come trampoline park is for amusement and relaxation. Now more and more family would like to attend the activity together. Trampoline Park has also become a good place to communicate for the numbers of family or company. For example, some activities like group building, parent and child interaction etc. will be held here. The operators should increase more interesting themes for the groups such as birthday party, flower arrangement, the games of parent-child interaction, group activities etc., which can make people feel relax from body and mind. Except for these business strategies, the operators should grasp the good opportunity to popularize the activities. When people have free time to go out for fun? When parents would like to take children to go out to play? Of course, it is weekend or holiday. The operators can use the time to hold corresponding theme activities to attract more people. In one word, people would like to come again only when they find fun in Trampoline Park.

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