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The Customization Manufacturer of Indoor Trampoline Sports Paradise
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The Customization Manufacturer of Indoor Trampoline Sports Paradise

Amusement facilities of the bounce trampoline park attraction are now the preferred form of entertainment for consumers, and merchant should pay more attention to the safety of their equipment.
  • LE.AA.A16.18.00
  • Liben
  • LE.AA.A16.18.00

The customization manufacturer of indoor trampoline sports paradise—Liben Group

Liben indoor large combined trampoline park equipment

The manufacturer of children’s trampoline equipment

The design and customization of indoor trampoline theme park

Product Parameter

Product Name:The customization manufacturer of indoor trampoline sports paradise

Product brand: Liben Group

Product model number: LE.AA.A16.18.00

Product size: 21*30m

Product colors: picture color or customized

Using material:engineering plastic, PE plate, galvanized steel pipe, PP mesh

Product feature: certificated by GS, wear well and durable, strong bounce

Product usage: Bouncing can make the brain in a state of initial activation and relaxation, freeing the imagination from all kinds of thinking and making it more sensitive.

Transportation and installation: high quality logistics transportation with soft roll and wooden frame fixed all the way, and guarantee all the goods will not destroyed; the professional installing worker will always track project progress.

Product introduction

Trampoline park is becoming increasingly recognized as a new type of indoor amusement which is being developed all over the world, even there is operating stores with a certain scales in small cities and countries. This kind of new type of trampoline park project is popular in recent years, because the happiness of jumping can bring people a effect of warmth, exercise and fitness.

At the same time, indoor trampoline playground also belongs to a customized amusement place, which can be customized according to different types and themes. As trampoline equipment has certain single characteristics to some degree, trampoline combination forms are used in the park, which can provide better experience for visitors.

  indoor trampoline playground-1Product price

The playground equipments in trampoline park are so rich, then how to position the price standard? As a buyer or an investor, what should be firstly understood is not only the price of a product, but is how to make consumers happy and have a desire of a second consumption. To make your trampoline park profitable, trampoline equipment must be beautiful and fun.

For the investors who have just come into contact with trampoline park, it’s necessary to conduct a survey of consumers’ market preference when choosing trampoline park. You should know the competition in the same industry of trampoline park is fierce, and if one is not carefully controlled, one will lose certain market influence. Secondly, as a buyer, you must seriously treat the quality and safety of a product, and must go to the formal manufacturers to actually investigate the production strength and product quality, and be sure to rationally choose combined with the market demands, do not blindly greedy choose the cheap products without safety label.

It’s obvious that the qualities and safety factors of different equipments directly lead to the price differences of trampoline equipment, so in any case, be sure to choose better manufacturers to customize equipments. For example, Liben Group, professionally works on the overall design of indoor trampoline park, the research and production of equipment, the price standard forecast of equipment and other projects.

  indoor trampoline playground-2


Q: How to install the trampoline park?

A: There are rules to follow when installing different amusement equipment in combination. Scientific and resonable planing can make better use of the space.

Q: What projects can be combined with trampoline equipment?

A: Sea ball pool, rock climbing wall, devil slide, spider towers and so on.

Q: How long will it take to produce trampoline park?

A: More than 3 months and less than one year.

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