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The Application of Color in the Brand Design of Trampoline Park

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The Application of Color in the Brand Design of Trampoline Park

In the process of growing up, interesting games can not only make children feel happy, but also contribute to their physical and mental health. In fact, there is a variety of children games, among which jump trampoline park is a place that is worth experiencing. Trampoline park is often full of bright colors and cartoon characters, which is the paradise of  kids. Therefore, I intend to share some knowledge about the application of color in the brand design of trampoline park.

1. Provide Visual Stimulation

The most direct way for people to understand the objective world is the impact of color. Color can be said to be one of the most attractive elements in the brand design of jump trampoline park, and its stimulation to people's visual organs is very strong. The recognition and preference of brand color of trampoline park can increase people's consumption desire. Reasonable color matching can also highlight the personality of the enterprise. Therefore, only when there is a unique visual color of the brand, can we make the brand plan of trampoline park more valuable and distinctive.

2. Enhance Brand Influence

In order to reflect the image of trampoline park through the brand design and show the difference between other competitive industries, the reasonable color matching is very important. The fusion of different colors can show different visual effects of jump zone decoration, so that people can have all kinds of feelings and psychological reactions. In the trampoline park, the successful color orientation should meet the use requirements and the aesthetic principles. This can not only make the trampoline park brand more appealing and attractive, but also strengthen the graphic and font effects in the brand design, so as to show a better visual effect and recognition.

3. Increase Sense Of The Times

For a design work, the color should be modern and fashionable, which can not only show the vitality of trampoline park, but also attract the attention of consumers. Using bold color matching in the decoration can highlight the personality and fashion of trampoline park. In addition, with the modern breath and positive energy of the iconic color, it can be loved and remembered deeply.

4. Emphasize Brand Value

The brand design of trampoline park needs to take brand value as the core, so as to achieve excellent product value. Therefore, differentiation must be reflected in the brand positioning of trampoline park. Especially for a rising fashionable industry like trampoline park, we need to pay attention to the theme of performance, and change design ideas for different fields and industries. In this way, we can reflect the difference of jump zone brand and lay a good foundation for the development of brand value of trampoline park.

5. Insert Advertising Language

Key words refer to the well-known advertising language, which can truly reflect the core value of the brand. Through the implantation of the advertising language of trampoline park, consumers will remember the brand more clearly, so as to stimulate a series of consumption consciousness and ability hidden in consumers' hearts. Obviously, a good advertisement can form a strong brand characteristic.

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