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Six best indoor sports for children in winter(2)

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In the past two years, indoor children's trampoline parks and rock climbing have become more and more popular. What are the benefits of trampoline and rock climbing for children?

Trampoline is known as "air ballet". This exercise not only allows children to exercise, but also enhances their balance and coordination, improves their body shape, and improves their concentration and overall athletic ability. Nowadays, there are many forms of trampoline sports, such as twisting jumping, split-leg jumping, sitting and bombing, etc. Children can easily do it in the last class. Trampoline sports also derived from dodge ball, trampoline parkour and other games that children like very much. This sport not only allows children to exercise their bodies in the process of playing, but also enhances their balance and coordination, improves their body shape, and improves their concentration and overall athletic ability.

Rock climbing has attracted countless enthusiasts with its unique conquering power to climb high places. It is a sport that is both thrilling and challenging. Indoor rock climbing is more suitable for the general public. It integrates fitness, entertainment and sports.

The biggest advantage of indoor rock climbing is the "predictability of danger". The climber's route and difficulty index are completely under his control.

"Step by step" is the best interpretation of this movement. First, enhance the child's physical fitness, overcome body gravity, and coordinate the strength and balance of the hands and feet. Because children's limb muscles are constantly stretched and contracted during climbing, it is an excellent exercise method for their muscle strength and bone development, and also increases the body's softness and sense of coordination. Not only that, there are even doctors who use children's rock climbing for children's muscle development and eye and body coordination correction.

Indoor rock climbing not only improves children's concentration and self-confidence, but also increases the sense of accomplishment after challenges and conquests. During the child's exercise, the coach will observe, guide and direct at any time, and can provide effective help when encountering any problems.


The gradual development of the amusement industry has promoted the hot proceeds of children's soft play, every shopping mall will see its figure, indoor soft play can be liked by many people, but also many parents for the children's primary choice, then mainly also because it has excellent features


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Soft play is a children's facility, the interior consists of many types of equipment, designed for the entertainment of minors, the size of soft play naturally limits the custom size of various entertainment facilities, the larger the site, the greater the design margin, entertainment performance is

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