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Secrets of Trampoline Park Decoration

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Secrets of Trampoline Park Decoration

How to decorate bounce trampoline park is very important for investors who have ideas or have invested in trampoline park. Investors must have an overall framework in advance. Let's learn about the important tips of trampoline park decoration below.

1. Equipment Area

The ground in the equipment area only needs to be cleaned and leveled without any other operation.

(1) Lighting Equipment (A Key Factor Determining the Decoration Level)

The lighting equipment in the equipment area is mainly chandeliers, supplemented by other kinds of lamps. For the specific lamp type and layout plan, the CAD drawing of the site can be submitted to the relevant company or individual for design and installation.

(2) Temperature Control Equipment (Air conditioning and Heating)

This mainly gives priority to air conditioning. There are many kinds of air conditioning. The common ones are central air conditioning, split type vertical air conditioner (wall mounted unit), and air duct machine. If the site is located in the shopping mall, there will be ready-made equipment available. It is strongly recommended to choose commercial vertical air conditioner for others (It is suggested to start with 5 horsepower, and the quantity is arranged according to the site area). The reasons are as follows.

① In addition to the shopping mall, the trampoline park floor is not low and open, and the wall mounted unit has poor cooling effect and is easy to be blocked. The refrigeration height of the commercial vertical cabinet machine is exactly at the height from the plane to about 2 meters , which is the same height as the human body, and the usage effect is excellent in hot and dry weather.

② According to the flow of people and body temperature, the usage quantity of the vertical cabinet air conditioner can be controlled, and the installation and maintenance is easy. Compared with other types, it is cheaper.

③ When planning the site, reserve a place for the air conditioner, then it is not easy to have poor usage effect.

If heating is applied, it is recommended to lay out radiators or pipes against the wall, not under the equipment area. In order to maintain the stability of trampoline equipment, expansion screws will be made when the equipment is installed in the site, which is easy to damage the well arranged heating pipeline.

(3) Column / Wall / Ceiling

Columns need to be surrounded by partitions and protected by wall stickers or soft bags (Soft bags are expensive operations that increase safety factor and color value). Walls / ceilings can be painted with simple scraping and painting. If it is more advanced, wall painting can be done (The whole venue can be made into a unified style).

(4) Monitoring Engineering (Very Important)

This is mainly composed of monitors, which can enter the site when the installation is close to the end. Make sure there is no dead space in the whole venue. This is a lesson accumulated from countless experiences. It must be remembered that not only the safety of others should be protected, but also own interests should be safeguarded.

(5) Display in Equipment Area

In order to match the group construction or festival activities, large trampoline parks or chain stores will install monitors in the equipment area, which can be selected on demand.

2. Rest Area

The reasonable layout of the rest area is very important, which will lead to an unimaginable increase in turnover.

(1) Front Desk / Vestibule (Venue Logo Must Be Eye-catching)

As the front of indoor trampoline park, it plays an important role in drainage and reception.

(2) Water Bar

As an important source of income for the other half, excellent layout will make the turnover of the water bar to a higher level.

Matters Needing Attention

About the conditions of water bar selling set meal, investors need to go to the local health bureau to apply for hygiene license and food business license. Staff in the venue need to go to the relevant departments for health certificate.

(3) Locker / Shoe Cabinet

Here are tips to save money.

① When the decoration company decorates the front desk, purchase some boards and let the workers make some shoe cabinets, which is convenient, labor-saving and appropriate in size.

② Locker

Now there are many brands sharing lockers. Contact the local agent and move a place to put some lockers. In this way, the lockers can be obtained at zero cost.

(4) Gate

Gate is a product of Internet of things, which needs supporting software. In short, it needs to be combined with member system. There are many types of gates on the market, including ticket sweepers and disposable bracelets (which can also be connected with lockers). Generally, only two gates are needed.

Finally, if it is charged by the hour, a deposit should be charged at the front desk. It has more humanization.

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