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Manufacturer Wholesale Supply of Soft Play Playground Equipment
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Manufacturer Wholesale Supply of Soft Play Playground Equipment

As parents, we all hope to provide an entertaining space as well as a safe and healthy environment for our own kids. With the high requirements from parents, indoor soft play thematic playground equipments stand out.
  • LE.BG.A02.12.00
  • Liben
  • LE.BG.A02.12.00

Manufacturer wholesale supply of soft play playground equipment—Liben Group

The price list of soft play  equipment

The supplier of soft play  equipment

The manufacturer that professionally produce soft play  paradise

Product Parameter

Product Name: Manufacturer wholesale supply of soft play  playground equipment

Product brand: Liben Group

Product model number: LE.BG.A02.12.00

Product size: 15*29m

Product colors: picture color or customized

Using material:engineering plastic, PE plate, galvanized steel pipe, 304 stainless steel

Product feature: certificated by GS, wear well and durable, no rust outdoor

Product usage: cultivate children’s independent personality, exercise their body, strengthen their brain and enhance their intelligence. Not limited by the site, it can be installed no matter indoor or outdoor or the irregular site, and it’s easy to manage.

Transportation and installation: high quality logistics transportation with soft roll and wooden frame fixed all the way, and guarantee all the goods will not destroyed; the professional installing worker will always track project progress.

Product introduction

Indoor soft play equipment is a comprehensive body set with fitness and amusement, and the demanding style and model are carefully designed according to children’s interests and hobbies, and it’s a novel, innovative, comprehensive indoor children’s playground. Soft play  playground is a functional combination that can meet children’s characteristics of like drilling, climbing, sliding and rolling. It’s colors are very bright, and most is the warm color, which can give children a youthful atmosphere.

Compared with other playground equipment, soft play playground equipment is safer and more reliable. Because all the parts of soft play  equipment are connected with fasteners, without any sharp protrusion on the surface, each part has different models and colors. Most importantly, all the colors and sizes of the equipments can be personalizedly designed according to customers’ requirements.

Indoor soft play-1

Product price

Because soft play equipment can be used in different spaces, the valuable functions and requirements in each space is have quite big differences. For example, soft play equipment can also be set in kindergartens, but generally the equipments in kindergartens have the requirements of high quality and comprehensive equipments. And the price is determined by the material, model and production difficulty.

Liben soft play equipment adopts the materials of engineering plastic, PE plate, galvanized steel pipe and 304 stainless steel. The function of each kind of material is different. PE plate and stainless steel is suitable for the slide of the soft play  equipment, and it uses the high-end multifunctional sailing rope net as the rope net material, no matter adults with 100 kilograms or several kids playing at one time, it’s easy to bear.

In a word, to some degree, the price of soft play equipment is determined by the materials and functions of the equipment, and the production difficulty and many other factors. When buying equipment, any buyer of indoor playground equipment shouldn’t just focus on the price and the design on the picture, there is only bought by mistake but not sold by mistake. When buying the equipment, buyers should try to choose the manufacturer with good reputation and qualification, and put quality in the first place.

Indoor soft play-2


Q: How to choose professional manufacturer of producing soft play  paradise?

A: Notice the manufacturer’s production qualification, production case, equipment quality, post-sale service and other factors.

Q: How much is the soft play  equipment?

A: It’s about hundred yuan each square meter, and it’s planned according to the size and style of the site.

Q: Is the equipment purchased in small workshop in market guaranteed?

A: No. Suggest going to the site for the field inspection of the professional production supplier and learn about the comprehensive strength.

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