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Liben-Your First Choice of Trampoline Park Builder

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Liben Group is a professional trampoline park construction manufacturer specializing in the production and R & D of amusement products. We do manufacturing, marketing, and offering the market the best quality products and service. 

1. Leader in the Trampoline Park Industry

Liben has always focused on the construction of trampoline park amusement products. It is a "Chinese toy capital"-a special cultural enterprise with large registered capital in Zhejiang, comprehensive product operation, powerful investment and research and development product capabilities, and overall marketing philosophy. As a well-known super large trampoline park manufacturer at home and abroad, Liben is still under the development and growth in recent years, and it has also gradually joined the market to attract investment.

Liben Poland Trampoline Park-1 

The product series produced by our company are rich in combination, including indoor trampoline series, large indoor adventure park with all kinds of novel games combined into trampoline park, etc. to provide entertainment products for major venues. And these play equipment series are widely used in large shopping malls, hotels, residential areas, parks and other regions, and are loved by customers of different ages and different regions.

2. Quality, Always the Priority

All the company's technical processes are carried out using both automated and manual mode. Taking automation technology as the main principle, manual periodic testing and construction are added, so that the equipment flowing on the market is widely used in the production process of the equipment. Liben will assure you of our trampoline park quality in the trampoline amusement field. The company's environment and equipment safety have passed the ISO14001 environmental management certification, and the products have obtained foreign TUV certification. In 2013, Liben was rated as "Key Cultural Enterprise of Zhejiang Province" by some industry-related companies.

3. Happiness-Our Philosophy

It's Liben’s operating philosophy to allow every child to play in the era of wisdom. Happy growth is the company's overall pursuit of development. As the forerunner of the well-known domestic amusement toy industry, it is necessary to play a leading role, make achievements in the amusement trampoline industry, and transform its own limited marketing ideas into a transformation and upgrade in integrated marketing. Liben Group hopes that people of insight at home and abroad can cooperate sincerely with us to create a better future together!

 Liben Playground Projects All Over the World

Our specialty and direct sales are existing advantages. Many investors have become our direct sales customers. It is our specialty that allows these pioneers on the entrepreneurial road to see the future profitability. Constant pursuit of exploration is the best expectation of our company. We I hope that all entrepreneurs who work together with us can achieve something and see their own development vision in the trampoline park field.


I take my kids to play on weekends, but the weather is raining, so where to go to play is more appropriate. Many people think that indoor playgrounds are definitely good. Not affected by the weather, allowing children to play as much as they want. Many parents are very supportive. After all, children have to play as much as they want in addition to normal studies.


Indoor soft play entertainment facilities have become a very popular project now. There are some professional playgrounds in Germany and France that are particularly classic, which makes us feel the feeling of a happy castle. If we want to operate an amusement park, how do we choose the right manufacturer?


Indoor soft play are more popular now. There are actually many places to attract tourists. Tourists like indoor projects. In fact, it is more convenient and there are no restrictions. No matter what kind of weather conditions it is. play. Now let's take a look at what kind of places investors have used to attract you.


Many people who are interested in investment and entrepreneurship are looking forward to finding a good entrepreneurial project, and the indoor climbing project brings everyone an opportunity to break through and create more profits. However, the current entertainment economy is developing rapidly.


As a popular form of exercise, indoor trampoline has quickly gained the favor of consumers around the world. The novel form of entertainment can not only consume a lot of excess calories, but also achieve the purpose of exercising and relaxing the body and mind.


Regarding investment, many people will look at their investment in the entertainment industry. Playground facilities and fun park trampoline parks are relatively interesting entertainment investment industries. Such investment is relatively profitable. Is the trampoline park a big investment?

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