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Liben Group Indoor Playground equipment for kids
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Liben Group Indoor Playground equipment for kids

In recent years, the development of the children’s playground amusement industry has grown rapidly, and has become a popular trend. Many investors who invest in children’s playground equipment have already made a lot of money, and the market prospect is very broad.
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1. Indoor Soft Play Manufacturer (1)

Indoor children’s soft  play is also called children’s castle, which is a combination of different equipments through three-dimension science. Because the management of indoor equipment is easy and will not be damaged by the air, it is also favored by many investors. Children’s soft  play equipment can fully give play to children’s imagination and vitality, at the same time , playing can also enhance experience the physical fitness of the exercise.

There are very rich project items in children’s soft  play park. For example, the small soft  play park built in the mall atrium contains many projects, such as color roller, castle ballon, sea ball pool, water slide and pirate ship. The combination of different items creates a different environment for children to play in.


Indoor children’s playground adopts different theme colors as the overall atmosphere background, which can bright up children’s eyes to the biggest degree. Relatively speaking, the competition of the present children’s playground market is big, how to preempt the apperance of the design?Based on the quite big competition in the market, Liben Group professionally researches from the perspective of children.

Material Galvanized Steel                                                              
Recommended Ages 3-12
Apply for          Outdoor Playground                                            
Color customized available
Brand Liben Group
Warranty 1 year

Free 2D and 3D designs


Q: How to locate indoor children’s playground?

A: Consider these factors: stream of people, traffic, rent, fire control, etc.

Q: How about the price of indoor children’s playground?

A: It’s judged according to the sizes, materials, functions and technology of different equipments.

Q: Where to buy indoor children’s playground equipment?

A: You can directly communicate with the salesman to customize from Liben Group’s official website, or purchase at global sales point, or directly come to our company to customize.


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