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Large Playground of Indoor Amusement Combined Trampoline
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Large Playground of Indoor Amusement Combined Trampoline

Trampoline park is a competitive sport in which athletes use acrobatics to rebound from a trampoline. It belongs to a type of gymnastics. The trampoline is called "air ballet".Trampoline park can be applied to commercial parks, residential communities and shipping mall, etc.And now trampoline park design is also important,not only the security, fun is also important.
300 sqm2:
  • LE.AA.A35.00.00
  • Liben
  • LE.AA.A35.00.00

Large playground of indoor amusement combined trampoline —Liben Group

Indoor customized large trampoline playground

Combined trampoline in indoor playground

Professional indoor design of trampoline

Product Parameter

Product Name: Large playground of indoor amusement combined trampoline

Product brand: Liben Group

Product model number: LE.AA.A35.00.00

Product size: 300 sqm2

Product colors: picture color or customized

Using material:engineering plastic, PE plate, galvanized steel pipe, PP mesh

Product feature: certificated by GS, wear well and durable, strong bounce

Product usage: Bouncing can make the brain in a state of initial activation and relaxation, freeing the imagination from all kinds of thinking and making it more sensitive.

Transportation and installation: high quality logistics transportation with soft bags and wooden frame fixed all the way, and guarantee all the goods will not destroyed; the professional installing worker will always track project progress.

Product introduction

It can be said that indoor large combined trampoline park is a new and comprehensive indoor children’s playground, and it’s designed according to children like climbing, rolling, drilling. There are very rich amusement projects in trampoline park , each functional project is to stimulate children’s interest and hobby, exercise children’s independent personality, brain and intellectual character. The interactive effect of trampoline equipment is very obvious, and it has more obvious advantages both in the maintenance and requirement.

At the present stage, trampoline park is also widely developed, covering more than 200 countries. However, in Asia, trampoline is still a new trend of sports, as a new indoor amusement sport. Both adults and children can play to relax the mind and body state.

trampoline park-1

Product price

The price of indoor commercial trampoline equipment is determined according to the material of trampoline product design. Trampoline equipment is not only a trampoline , actually also contains a sponge ball, combined slide, zhanzhanle,and so on. Take trampoline as an example , the price of trampoline is not fixed, but is determined by the material, appearance design, durability and other factors .

As I understand, the price of trampoline in present market is relatively low, the cheap is just hundred yuan, but the expensive can be tens of thousands of yuan. Actually , these small and large trampolines all include slide, equipment with animal shapes and so on, which can guarantee children’s requirements of like playing. Of course there is professional customized trampoline equipment which has better quality and richer modelings.

The price of joining Liben brand is open and transparent, mainly including joining cost, venue rental cost, equipment purchase cost, personnel recruitment cost, daily operation advertising expense. The manufacturer of professional trampoline park equipment brings investors not only the low cost of investment and low risk, but the main source of real profit.

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Q: What’s the price of trampoline park ?

A: The price of higher quality and large inflatable trampoline is about 2000 yuan.

Q: What’s trampoline ?

A: Trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment similar to the wound surface and made of bouncing material, which is provided for children to play.

Q: Which brand of trampoline is better?

A: Wenzhou Liben Group Toy Co., Ltd has more than 800 successful experiences of the production and installation of playground equipments, which is your good choice .

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