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Infant swimming(1)

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In fact, there is not only no problem for a baby to swim, but there are also many benefits. The earlier a child learns to swim, the sooner he comes into contact with water, which can reduce his fear of water. It is also conducive to exercise coordination of the limbs and learns for the later growth. Swimming is a good bedding, and at the same time the parent and child can go into the water and play together to enhance the relationship.

Most of the swimming courses on the market start at 4-6 weeks after the baby’s birth, but in fact, babies have a natural apnea reflex ability, which allows them to swim after birth, and this ability is the strongest six months ago. At this time, only a little help from parents or coaches is needed, and the baby can swim in the water effortlessly.

Novice parents must pay attention to the fact that the baby six months ago is still fragile and needs to be taken to a special baby swimming pool to swim, because the water in the baby swimming pool is at a constant temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, which is more beneficial to the baby's health. After six months, they can be taken to a normal swimming pool or even the sea. When you first take your baby to swim, the time should be about ten minutes each time, and it can be increased to 20 minutes later, but the baby under one year old should not exceed thirty minutes, and the baby older than one year should be controlled within one hour it's the best.

First of all, everyone knows that ordinary swimming pools are disinfected with chlorine to ensure that the bacterial content in the swimming pool will not exceed the standard. However, excessive chlorine can cause harm to human skin, eyes and even the respiratory tract, so it should be avoided as much as possible. For indoor swimming pools with strong pungent odors, you can choose outdoor open-air swimming pools, or ozone-sterilized swimming pools if conditions permit.

Secondly, pay attention to whether the water in the pool is clear to the bottom. Of course, clear water will be more sanitary. And check whether there are water inlets and outlets at the side or bottom of the pool, because such water is circulating.

Finally, the temperature of the water is very important for the baby. The judging method is that if the parent feels the temperature is appropriate in the water, it is generally suitable for the baby. If the parent feels the temperature is low, then he will be more obvious Feel the temperature is low, this is due to the weight and body area ratio, making the baby more likely to feel cold when the body is completely in the water. Of course, overheated water is not acceptable. The baby cannot be in a pool above 38 degrees Celsius.


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