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Indoor Professional Trampolines For Kids Amusement Park
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Indoor Professional Trampolines For Kids Amusement Park

Trampoline Park is a large indoor play center formed by a variety of indoor and outdoor amusement projects.
  • 5.LE.B2.810.121.04
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  • 5.LE.B2.810.121.04

Trampoline Park is a large indoor play center formed by a variety of indoor and outdoor amusement projects. Usually, a trampoline park contains the main trampoline area, dunking area, super slide, maze hive, EPP blocks, indoor playground and other areas. The larger of the trampoline park, the more variable the projects will be. For the better play experience, some large trampoline parks set the trampoline area for adults and also the indoor play area for children to play.

Generally speaking, trampoline park is a large sports space integrating amusement, sport, expansion and challenge, which is in the greatest demand of people. It can provide people with good amusement experience and bring them the best sports experience.


Indoor adventure park Basic Info :

Item No.: 5.LE.B11.804.300.00

Product Size: Customized

Material: Galvanized steel pipes, PVC, PP

Age Range: above 5 years old

Capacity Advice:80-100


FAQ for indoor adventure park 

1: How to Start A Family Entertainment Fun Cente

The first step in planning your center is finding your market.  Will you market to toddlers, teens, adults or all of the above? What other activities does your market offer that you will be competing with?

2: How to Design A Family Entertainment Fun Cente

You need to have a clear plan to serve your clients and have it in a space they feel welcome and enjoy coming to.  Is the traffic pattern good?  Will people feel over crowded?  These are all important things to look at

3:How long of Entertainment Fun Center Equipment Purchasing

You Need to start purchasing equipment no later than 3-6 months prior to your launch date.  This will allow you ample time to work out any issues prior to your grand opening. You can use this time to offer sneak peeks via social media and build hype around your pending opening. You can also use this time to secure parties, fundraisers and launch a huge kick off party!

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Indoor Adventure Park


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