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Indoor Playground Project Function Introduction

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Indoor playground is a children’s project. After review by experts, manufacturers have designed professional equipment for children of all ages to exercise games. Since Indoor playground has dozens of different categories, the functions of various games are naturally different. ,Indoor playground project function introduction can effectively help you understand this kind of commercial facility.

I mainly introduce you to several games in the indoor playground:

1. Drill hole game

2. Ocean Ball Pool

3. Trampoline games

4. Single-plank bridge

5. Water slide

6. Happy Octopus

7, the balloon house

indoor playground

First, the hole-drilling game

Children are full of curiosity about the unknown. The hole-drilling game can maximize the development of physical movements and exercise physical fitness.

Second, the ocean ball pool

The children have never left their parents, so they have no chance to exercise sufficient teamwork and discipline. The role of the ocean ball pool is to allow the children to classify, group, and collaborate with each other to exercise this ability.

Third, trampoline games

Children’s leg muscles need to be strengthened. Through trampoline reciprocating exercise, the coordination brought by the body can be improved, and the leg muscles and sensory integration training can be further enhanced to achieve better balance ability.

Fourth, the single-plank bridge

To exercise coordination, the best way is to train through the single-plank bridge, and it can also amplify the courage of minors and achieve better development ability.

Fifth, water slide

This kind of project adds enough dynamic elements, which can bring good visual stimulation to children, and at the same time increase the sense of pleasure. Many children like the feeling of going up and down. Although it is a water slide, there is no water, nor is it like water. Paradise is full of danger.

Sixth, happy octopus

By breaking the balance of the human body and rotating, it can exercise children's climbing ability and promote the overall development of abdominal muscles, back muscles and waist muscles. This kind of exercise is very suitable for the age group under 8 years old.

Seventh, the balloon house

This is a game that trains children's outstanding color discrimination ability. Because the interior is full of various scientific principles, and at the same time, colorful balloons are used to bring colorful feelings, so that children are exposed to the colors of fairy tales and enhance their curiosity about the world. heart.

indoor playground-1

The above is the introduction to the function of Indoor playground. There are dozens of similar game items. Indoor playgrounds everywhere will have different introductions. Each type is regulated according to the development and growth of children of different ages, so safety is taken into account. , Exercise and puzzle, can completely reassure parents, and the indoor playground charges are not high, but it can kill children a lot of time and reduce the burden on parents.


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