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Indoor Children’s Doll House Theme Play
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Indoor Children’s Doll House Theme Play

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Indoor children’s doll house theme play—Liben Group

Indoor children’s amusement projects

Indoor children’s theme playground equipment

Indoor children’s doll house theme play

Product Parameter

Product Name: Indoor children’s doll house themed play

Product brand: Liben Group

Product Size:random

Product colors: random or customized

Using material:engineering plastics, galvanized steel pipe, stainless steel bolt

Product usage: strengthen children’s physical quality, exercise children’s physical coordinate ability, cultivate children’s braveness and confidence of not afraid of difficulty and going ahead.

Age of use:age 3 and above

Transportation and installation: high quality logistics transportation with soft roll and wooden frame fixed all the way, and guarantee all the goods will not destroyed; the professional installing worker will always track project progress.

Product introduction

Indoor children’s doll house theme play is designed by using a kind of children’s fairytale world, incorporating dreamy artistic effects and concepts, and visualized every bit of life. In a doll house, children can feel different role assignments. Programs of the whole playground includes household appliances, post offices, hospitals and other living facilities with new jokes and artistic features, so that children can have different life experience and environment molding in such a miniature environment.

In fact, by building children’s playground equipment of the character nature, it can well shape children to know the society, which is beneficial to form a good living habit. Such a miniature society can let children be personally on the scene, experience different life and feel life.

Doll House-1

Product price

As the supporting recreation facilities used by children, we have adopted high-end material selection, such as high-quality density board and thickened fireproof board and so on. These materials are smooth and clear, flexible, making it easier to maintain. The surface of each supporting facilities has been sprayed with environmentally friendly UV spray paint to protect children’s sky from injury. 

A small indoor children’s doll house playground equipment, such as the price of the using tables and chairs are favorable. According to different functions, materials and sizes, the price differs from hundred to thousand yuan. Because of the different natures, the quotation method is different. Some are quoted according to square meters, but some are more appropriate according to the whole set.

If you want to have a detailed information of the price and craft of indoor children’s playground equipment, consult Liben Group. It focus on the development and production of indoor children’s playground equipment, early education center supporting facilities, kindergartens supporting projects and so on.

Doll House-2


Q: How many kinds of recreation facilities of a set of doll house are there?

A: No less than ten kinds. 

Q: What’s the proper height of indoor children’s playground?

A: Not higher than 3 meters for a small children’s playground equipment.

Q: The material requirements for kindergarten supporting facilities?

A: The material should be safe, environmentally friendly and healthy.

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