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How to Improve the Turnover of Trampoline Park?

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How to Improve the Turnover of Trampoline Park?

The rise of jump trampoline park and other sports formats is the general trend, because it meets the growing demand of people for recreation experience. However, many trampoline investors are only chasing after the wind, which is easy to expose many problems after a period of operation, so it is difficult to effectively improve the business performance of trampoline. For this reason, trampoline manufacturers have also launched targeted solutions to help venues achieve sustained revenue growth.

1. Trampoline Park Has Few Tourists in Off-season and Poor PassengerFlow, which Leads to Waste of Resources

Unlike catering or other industries, trampoline park needs a large floor area and a high demand for building height. Therefore, the location of jump trampoline park should be cheap and deviated from the downtown or prosperous area, which is the best choice. But it is also easy to lead to poor passenger flow, so that the off-season waste of resources is extremely serious. Then how to solve this problem has become a problem for investors. Here are two suggestions to help solve this problem.

(1) Aiming at Group Customers in Off-season and Optimizing the Group Building Experience of Trampoline Park

From Monday to Friday, the activity planning of jump zone can undertake team activities and promote group tickets. For example, it can seek cooperation with such units as schools, companies, government agencies, etc., to establish group building activities customer groups and improve the experience of group building activities of customers.

(2) Enrich the Types of Trampoline Venues and Improve their Performance

In the case of limited resources of trampoline park, the upgrading of equipment will undoubtedly become the burden of the operation of trampoline park. To improve the performance of the venue and keep the customers fresh, it should be considered to increase the revenue. For example, opening baby machines, massage chairs, water bars, light catering and other measures are good choices, which not only enrich the choice, but also optimize the customer experience, and make full use of the venue space. If it is worried that the choice of such units as supermarkets will increase the management cost, in fact, it is unnecessary to have such concerns. Because the self-developed trampoline park cash collection system can not only meet the application of various ticket types of trampoline park, but also carry out commodity trading like ordinary commercial supermarket.

2. Poor Customer Stickiness and Low Repurchase Rate

People who have experienced trampoline games all know that the physical consumption of each project is large, and people who have played once rarely want to play twice in a short time from the attraction of the project itself. The real charm of trampoline park lies in the interest of many people's confrontation and competition, such as the sense of honor, superiority. For individual visitors, this exciting emotional experience is the real purpose of their experience in trampoline park.

To solve this problem, the experience of trampoline park can be enhanced to make customers more convenient. For example, venue staff can organize bounce trampoline park activities, organize customers to break through the game within a limited time, sprint and get rewards after combining the results. The activity can not only form a line between the project and the project, connect the projects into a surface, and form a potential business. Customers can also form a PK team to improve participation. it can also stimulate the consumption of members, form a team to share and strengthen the interaction between different people, as well as improve customer stickiness and repurchase rate and achieve continuous income increase for the site.

From this point of view, the popularity of trampoline park is not accidental, but the reflection of entertainment after the development of social and economic level to a certain stage. The reason why bounce trampoline park is so popular is that ‘exercise in play and enjoy in sport’.

Although the development trend of the environment is good, if effective measures and marketing programs are not taken, the best project will still be in vain. No matter what project, only through various means to optimize management and improve customer experience, can it continue to develop and last forever. So is the development of trampoline park.

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