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How should the trampoline park develop a recovery plan after the epidemic?

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How should the trampoline park develop a recovery plan after the epidemic?

When will the epidemic be completely controlled, and will it happen again and again? When the domestic epidemic situation gradually improved, in order to promote economic development, many stores began to manage, do you know how to establish a recovery plan for trampoline park and indoor playground ?

Trampoline Park business recovery plan

1. Prepare protective equipment

Disinfection prevention is the most critical, we can prepare a certain amount of disinfection products, such as 75% medical alcohol / chlorine peroxide, peracetic acid disinfection solution; alcohol-free disposable hand sanitizer / wet paper towel / hand washing facility; disposable medical mask (General medical surgical protective masks or N95 / KN95 masks), infrared temperature monitors, etc., as much as possible to pre-store multiple points of inventory, in order to be flexible after the official opening.

2. Sort out the store protection process

Clean and disinfect the trampoline facilities in time. For example, set up "Relief Service Station" at the entrance and exit of the store, equipped with no-clean disinfectant and thermometer, and equipped with someone to measure body temperature here. Wash hands and change shoes before playing. The air in the trampoline park is ventilated 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes each time. Wipe with chlorine disinfectant, and then clean with clean water. The store is regularly disinfected every 1 hour, enters the door to measure body temperature, provides disinfection and no-clean hand sanitizer, etc.

3. Employee epidemic prevention investigation

Understand the health status of the staff of the trampoline park in real time, and report daily whether the fever and cough and whether they have been in contact with the relevant infected persons and other health conditions during the epidemic, and check the employees' epidemic protection. For personal protection work, the owner of the park owner should combine the latest protection tips to prevent employees from panic and actively respond.

4. Maintenance and inspection of amusement facilities

After the epidemic is over, it is recommended that each trampoline hall be equipped with disinfection equipment, such as disinfectant and no-hand wash disinfectant, at the front desk, toilet, and walls of the venue. Before using the cleaning agent, the cleaner must make the dilution configuration according to the proportion of the instructions to avoid poisoning.

5. Do a good job in external publicity

Internet transactions are significant, and community management is well done. You can usually chat with customers on WeChat. During the network operation, you can promote new fission, tap more potential customers, and guide new and old customers to buy group purchase discount packages

During the epidemic period when many trampoline park and indoor playground cannot be opened normally, online operation and marketing occupy an absolutely dominant position! So we need to pay more attention to online, we need to pull new ones to attract new consumers, and on the other hand to maintain existing users.

6. Establish management standards for indoor trampoline parks

The whole trampoline park and indoor playground establishes a set of store specifications. Such as sanitary standards for trampoline amusement equipment, frequency of disinfection methods, personnel training and physical examination, trampoline safety instructions, etc., comprehensive establishment of regulations, etc.

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