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How much is the climbing wall for children

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Rock climbing is often carried out outdoors. Choose places with mountain cliffs to take safety measures. But now sports has entered the city and has become a fixed game project. Rock climbing is a kind of training to meet challenges, and it is becoming more and more popular. Pay attention to it, then how much is the children's climbing wall has become a topic of inquiries by businesses.

First, the artificial rock climbing project. Rock climbing has long been free from the constraints of nature and has become an artificial project. Many extreme challengers have turned the urban infrastructure into a place for sports. Many children’s naughty castles have also begun to introduce sports to Indoors, how much the children's climbing wall cost has become a hot topic in the industry.

Second, about the cost. Due to the low cost and low risk and difficulty of children’s projects, the cost is actually not high. Its height is often about 5 meters, and its width depends mainly on the requirements of the site. Generally, reinforced cement concrete is used as the internal load-bearing structure, and the external use rubber or Covered with plastic, the underground facilities are mainly inflatable cushions, which play a protective role. It can be said that while providing risky and stimulating games, it is foolproof in safety. The cost ranges from 100,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan.

Third, how to customize. This kind of equipment and facilities have certain rules on the gameplay and detailed regulations on safety protection. Therefore, professional manufacturers are responsible for ordering. Since the size of each venue is different, the manufacturer will follow the needs of customers. Change the design plan.

Fourth, where does it appear. Children’s climbing walls are increasingly being introduced into various children’s auxiliary facilities, such as kindergartens, trampoline parks, and children’s playgrounds. They are all potential buyers of this equipment, and it depends on the business situation. , Is not low by the masses.

If it is an indoor venue, the service life will be longer, and the outdoor facilities may be exposed to sunlight or wind and rain, the external rubber may be prematurely aging, and the life span will be much shorter. The maintenance varies according to the specific conditions.


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