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How Many Employees Does It Take To Open An Indoor Climbing Hall? How Do You Avoid Losing Quality Employees?

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In the impression of many people feel that the private store market development space is small, because private owners are not very long-term vision, in terms of investment, brand development and other aspects of the traditional concept of limitations, which is why many private owners are not willing to money to train good employees. Training a good employee needs to invest in human resources and time very much, so how many employees are needed to open an indoor climbing hall? How do you avoid losing quality employees? The following is a detailed introduction to this issue.

1. Implement detailed management of staff responsibilities

2. Help create a platform for personal development

3. Establishing a system of fair competition

indoor climbing hall-1

First, implement detailed management of staff responsibilities

When investors invest in an indoor climbing hall for the opening of an indoor climbing hall business to pay attention to the issues, for all aspects will spend time to understand, of course, this understanding of the content also relates to the number of employees, which is related to the later operation of the entire store. If there are too few service personnel, the service will certainly not be in place, which will make customers feel neglected; on the other hand, if there are too many staff is likely to cause a waste of human resources, so the rational determination of the number of service personnel combined with the size of the store, but also the need for scientific division of responsibility for the position management, as long as everyone understands the scope of their responsibilities, which can protect the quality of service, to avoid the staff. Error rates at work.

Second, help create a platform for personal development

Investors for indoor climbing hall business, in addition to concern about how many employees to open an indoor climbing hall, will also be concerned about the loss of old employees, because the old employees will operate some good relations with old customers, if the old employees leave is bound to take away part of the physical store customer base. For employees, no matter where they are working to earn money, of course, where the pay is good to go, so the operator pay fair and reasonable, but also need to establish a promotion mechanism to motivate employees to create a personal platform.

Third,establishing a system of fair competition

Employees are reluctant to work and want to leave, on the one hand, for personal reasons, and on the other hand, there are problems with the operation and management mechanism of the shop, such as unreasonable promotion system, salary is not as good as other places.

indoor climbing hall-2

It is also important to know how to retain experienced veteran employees of indoor climbing hall, these veteran employees in business ability, as well as service quality, more easily get started, which can virtually save a lot of expenses. It's also necessary to implement detailed management of staff responsibilities and help create a platform for personal development.


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