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Great Display Of Indoor Climbing Skills, Let You Learn Rock Climbing Easily.

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Anything you want to do well and do perfect, the early homework is to do enough, only in this way is conducive to the further development of things, and now more young people like the sport of indoor climbing, more Many people choose it because the sport itself is extremely challenging. Compared with outdoor climbing, the safety factor of indoor climbing projects is greater. During the exercise, the safety of the human body is more guaranteed. But if you want to practice indoor climbing better, then some skills and methods must be understood in advance, so as to help everyone easily learn to climb and become a master in the climbing world.

This article includes the following:

1. Hand force analysis

2. What are the common methods

3. Mastering the hole method is more conducive to climbing

indoor climbing-1

1. Analysis of the force of the hand

For laymen, if you want to do better indoor climbing, first of all, the strength of the arm is important for athletes, the hand needs to bear more weight, and then it is not the case. Exercise on a straight wall At the time, the role of the hand is to master the thin, and the most important thing is the contact strength between the fulcrum and the hand, so no matter what action you do, don’t use too much force on the hand, the hand should be in the middle of the exercise process A state of relaxation. Use the least force to grab the points, otherwise it will greatly consume the strength of the arm. Nowadays, there are many shapes of points on the rock wall. There are generally dozens of types. You must fully understand these fulcrums before climbing. To understand the different fulcrums, what should be the strength of the hand, how to exert force, and what are the common methods?

2. what are the common methods

There are dozens of general techniques, and the following are commonly used: tight grip, open grip, pick grip, curved grip, pinch grip, sideways look and pull, hole point method, etc. Different methods have different action essentials And strength, according to different fulcrums to choose the best way to climb better. This method of gripping is the most commonly used. When a finger grabs an edge, it usually grips tightly and cannot be relaxed. Some fulcrums need to be grasped by hand without the help of fingers, and the use of the palm is more stable.

indoor climbing-2

3. Mastering the hole method is more conducive to climbing

In the process of indoor climbing, there will be some holes on the rock wall. The size of these holes is different. Generally, one or two fingers can be reached. When climbing, you must first try these holes by hand. Point situation, and then use force, or use them as a fulcrum, if the situation is unknown, risk climbing will be dangerous.


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