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Customized Large Indoor Trampoline Park Manufacturer
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Customized Large Indoor Trampoline Park Manufacturer

Indoor trampoline park has been a web celebrity equipment project, no matter in kindergartens, early educational centers or the supermarkets, we all can see trampoline equipments. Now trampoline park equipment is not so far away from us as used to be, and we all can keep up close and personal with the fun of trampoline.
  • LE.AA.A11.18.00
  • Liben
  • LE.AA.A11.18.00

Customized Large Indoor Trampoline Park Manufacturer - Liben Group

Customized Large Indoor Trampoline Park

Tiktok Kids Indoor Playground

Large Indoor Trampoline Park Equipment

Product Parameters

[Product Name] Customized large trampoline park facilities playground manufacturers

[Product Brand] Liben Group

[Product Model] LE. AA.A11.18.00

[Product Specification] 23.8*31.6m

[Product Color] Color in the picture and customized color

[Product Material] Engineering plastics, PE board, galvanized steel pipe, PP web

[Product features] GS certification, durable, strong bouncing

[Product application] Jumping in the trampoline can make the brain in a state of initial activation and relaxation, freeing the imagination from all kinds of thinking and making it more sensitive. 

[Transportation and installation] The whole course of soft package + wooden frame fixed high-quality logistics transport, to ensure that all goods are not damaged; Professional installation master tracks the progress of the whole project.

Product introduction

I company produces the custom large trampoline park can be carried out in accordance with the different proportion of each project scale and function, and the design of the professional manufacturers to provide high performance/price ratio, and more interesting for its investors and buyers of trampoline devices, the color of each equipment, coating design, functional value and size are custom, professional, reliable and common trampoline equipment is as follows:

Such as 1 free trampoline area + 2 dunk area + 3 dodge ball area + 4 football bubble area + 5 trampoline parkour + 6 sponge pool area + 9 + 7 climbing wall + 8 spider tower web celebrity sticky le + 10 fighting stick + 11 professional trampoline areas + + 12 ninja 13 snow slide 15 Russian turntable project + 14 drought maze trampoline 16 sliding cable project is 17 naughty fort + 18 devil slides + 19 high altitude platform more than dozens of projects of different functional properties.

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The product price

Trampoline Park is a large amusement center for children and adults. The development of trampoline is made possible by such amusement equipment as shuttle climbing, net red grid, single-channel devil slide, grass slide, ninja road, Sticky music and rotary trampoline. All kinds of trampoline equipment produced by our company are made with professional details. From the design of each graffiti to the production of the whole product, it has gone through hundreds of experiments.

The trampoline surface we choose is made of PP material, with strong surface stiffness, good compression resistance of contraction, and very favorable impact strength. PVC+ sponge is used as the protective pad. Its thick performance can withstand the gravity of thousands of pounds, and it has a high and strong design sense for safety performance. Spring is the surface of galvanized steel tube design plus manganese steel oxidation material, long used abrasion resistance and super elastic.

Many people are thinking about how to choose and buy the equipment in a trampoline park or how to choose the material. If you choose Liben Group, our company will send professional technical staff to give you the relevant details, so that you can learn the favorable conditions of trampoline park investment or equipment purchase for free. Liben Group Toy Co., LTD., a high-end brand, is a professional indoor trampoline park custom service design project.

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Q: What are the requirements for trampoline park equipment purchase?

A: Certain capital, geographical location and venue area.

Q: Is the equipment in trampoline Park optional?

A: We will add some Suggestions from our company in the design of the venue. Of course, the production of all equipment is designed according to the customer's wishes.

Q: How much is trampoline park equipment?

A: The equipment in the trampoline park is very rich. The cost performance and materials of each equipment are different, so there is a big difference in price.

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