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Customization Indoor Playground Equipment Children's Play Center
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Customization Indoor Playground Equipment Children's Play Center

Naughty castle indoor playground equipment is a functional combination that can meet children’s characteristics of like drilling, climbing, sliding and rolling.
  • LE.BI.A37.00.00
  • Liben
  • LE.BI.A37.00.00

Compared with other indoor playground equipment, naughty castle playground equipment is safer and more reliable. Because all the parts of naughty castle equipment are connected with fasteners, without any sharp protrusion on the surface, each part has different models and colors. Most importantly, all the colors and sizes of the equipment can be personalizedly designed according to customersrequirements.

大图1Indoor Playground Equipment  Basic Info :

Item No.:LE.BI.A37.00.00

Product Size:3.7*3.7*2.3m

Material:Galvanized steel pipes, PVC, PP

Age Range:above 5 years old

Capacity Advice:5-10



Q:What are the requirements for buying trampoline park equipment?

A:Certain capital, geographical location and venue area.

Q:Can Liben Group be joined in ?

A:Yes, consult our professional customer service for further information.

Q:How long is the project period likely to take?

A:It needs about 3 months from order confirmation to opening.

Liben Group

John Pan

Email: exp09@libenplay.com

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