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Current situation of indoor playground industry

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Current situation of indoor playground industry

In recent years, with the acceleration of China's urbanization process, large and medium-sized commercial construction in various provinces and cities has sprung up like spring after rain, the end consumer market has become more open and active, the overall development level of China's indoor playground industry has been greatly improved, and its appearance has taken on a new look.

Today, the ecology of Indoor amusement parks in China is characterized by fashion and culture as the core and highly perceptual consumer psychology, which is obviously reflected in three aspects, namely business area, machine equipment and environment creation.

Most indoor amusement park is located in fashion, high-grade large department store, or busy city in the center of CBD, investors will hire a professional design company to create a unique gaming experience environment, facilities and department stores were set each other off becomes an interest, more clearly reflects the relationship between consumers and the overall environment of the consumer experience, indoor playground of the overall layout, construction of recreational environment, all kinds of competitions held activities, large of small and medium sized amusement equipment is also as the baby gift machine, and other characteristics of the machine in the depth of the indoor playground, gift selection, arrangement, replacement, etc., need to be carefully planned,It is no longer as simple as placing machines directly for operation, which puts forward new requirements for the management level of indoor playground.

China's indoor amusement parks, including indoor children's amusement parks and large video game entertainment venues, have been expanding from first-tier cities to emerging markets in second - and third-tier small and medium-sized cities.

The current trend is a large indoor theme park with Lotte World as the original template.

Roller coaster, merry-go-round, jumping machine and other large and medium-sized equipment moved to the indoor, will change the seasonal and holiday constraints of outdoor amusement parks, become "all-weather" super large amusement center.

Such super-large indoor amusement park with an area of 20,000 to 100,000 square meters in the MALL of urban complex is another development direction of indoor amusement parks in the future world and China.

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