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Children's playground design specification(1)

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The playground is very attractive to both adults and children. The carousel, seesaw, ferris wheel, etc. in the playground are all children's favorites. Children's playgrounds can be roughly divided into indoor and outdoor according to site, space, equipment, etc. Today, the editor will talk about the design specifications of playgrounds from both indoor and outdoor aspects. What are the points worthy of our attention?

There are four main principles of children's playground design.

1. Safety first

No matter when and where, whether adults or children, safety issues are the top priority. In children's playgrounds, safety is especially important. Because children's physical functions are not yet sound during the developmental period, they are relatively vulnerable groups in play activities.

2. Child-oriented

Since it is a children's playground, of course it must be children-oriented and see the world with children's eyes. The layout of the playground's activity space and amusement facilities should be built for the purpose of serving children, according to the children's preferences and the functional needs of the amusement facilities. At the same time, the design should integrate fun, participation, diversity and knowledge to create a relaxing, natural and fully functional playground for children.

3. Scalability

The senses such as sight, hearing, smell and taste in the scene design constitute the scale of the design. The design of children's playground must pay attention to the height and range of children's sight line, so that the design can be easily seen by them, and only then will it arouse interest in the venue and equipment. At the same time, the height or age restrictions of the amusement items must also be considered.

4. Adjust measures to local conditions

According to the characteristics of the selected site, make full use of the existing terrain and infrastructure of the children's playground, and improve it, and use the special terrain to create a novel children's play space. The design should respect nature as much as possible, and not excessively pursue artificial traces.

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