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Children’s Indoor Soft Play Bobo Pool Equipment
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Children’s Indoor Soft Play Bobo Pool Equipment

As we all know, children's nature is to play, they also like to know things around them through games.But children of different ages have different physical development characteristics, different preferences,and also like different children indoor playground.
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Children’s indoor soft play bobo pool equipment—Liben Group

Children’s indoor soft play equipment

Children’s indoor soft play playground

Small children’s indoor playground equipment

Product Parameter

Product Name: children’s indoor soft play bobo pool playground equipment

Product brand: Liben Group

Product Size:custom according to site

Product colors: random or customized

Using material:304 stainless steel, solid wood, engineering plastics, galvanized steel pipe, soft roll,etc.

Product feature:certified by GS, wear well and durable, rust resisitan outdoor

Age of use:age 3 and above

Place of use :kindergarten, communities, civic center, family courtyard, indoor playground

Product usage: offer children a happy childhood, stimulate the ability of creativity, imagination and cooperation  in exploration,promote their comprehensive ability. Each little level is a kind of small challenge, children can experience the happiness of challenge and have a sense of achievement and satisfaction after success.

Product introduction

Children’s indoor soft play is very popular now, as a new indoor activity center of children, it’s a children’s playground with strong comprehensiveness. According to children’s different interests and hobbies, we design the combined slide for climbing lovers, swing equipment for swinging lovers, net climbing for drilling lovers.

Children’s indoor playground offers playing space with comprehensive functional equipments. The general children’s indoor playground is set at commercial area, which will not be influenced by external climatic factors. Also, the safety factor of the whole product is pretty high, and the children’s playground has a simple operating way but substantial rate of return. It can attract children’s and parents’ attention by novel themed projects designation and bright shapes, making them blend in a new project.

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Product price

The general using material of children’s indoor soft play is engineering palstic, PVC soft shell layer, galvanized steel tube frame, steel tube, sponge and so on. According to different material properties, the price of indoor soft play of different designs is between 200 and thousand yuan each square meter. So the cost of a 70-square-meter set of indoor soft play is about 300 thousand on average.

The biggest advantage of indoor soft play is unpowered, strong interaction, and high safety. No matter in what kind of location, indoor or outdoor, regular or irregular, naughty castle can be installed. The no power performance of indoor soft play is that it can be operated no matter in what kind of conditions.

Of course, the core issue of the price depends on your actual size of your site. If with a small size, then the cost will be lower, the opposite is larger. If you are considering to buy and custom children’s indoor playground equipment, consult Liben Group (zhejiang), the professional children’s indoor playground equipment manufacturer.

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Q and A

Q: Does children’s indoor soft play have high requirements for the site?

A: Not high. It can be installed no matter what kind of site. 

Q: What’s the suitable acreage of indoor soft play for a new investor?

A: It mainly depends on your financial condition, if the finance is enough, suggest over 500 square meters, if less finance, then 200 square meters.

Q: What’s advantage of children’s indoor soft play equipment?

A: Optional, unpowered, interactive, safe and efficient.

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