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Are Indoor Playgrounds Profitable?

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Children aged between 3 and 14 years old, as a special consumer group in China, are with a broad space for consumption development. Indoor playgrounds are one of the entertainment items favored by many children. Therefore, the answer to “are indoor playground profitable?”  is certainly beyond question. Indoor playgrounds are profitable, the specific profit depends on the brand, park size, and other factors. Now, we Liben Group is going to analyze how to profit by opening indoor playgrounds!

This article contains the following contents:

Analyze the reasons why indoor playgrounds are profitable

Analyze the profit of indoor playgrounds


1. Analyze the reasons why indoor playgrounds are profitable

Indoor playgrounds are now equipped with all kinds of novel, fun, and interesting amusement equipment. At the same time, children can learn new knowledge, enhance physical strength, and make friends in the playgrounds, which is also widely welcomed by children and parents.

In addition, if you choose a reliable indoor playground brand, the headquarter will provide you with a series of all-inclusive services, such as site selection, decoration, planning, opening, training, and other support services, and will help the franchisee reduce the operation difficulty.


2. Analyze the profit of indoor playgrounds

The profit of indoor playgrounds is determined by the cost of brand joining, indoor playground scale, and all the supporting services!

We take a secondary city in China as an example. The size of the indoor playground is around 100 square meters. Joining in Liben’s indoor playground, franchisees need to bear the fees include rental 4000yuan/month, decoration costs 40,000yuan, equipment cost 70,000yuan, opening promotion, and activity cost 30,000yuan, employee wage costs 10,000yuan/month. So in general the total cost of a small indoor playground is around 150,000yuan.


According to the monthly income, the income of an indoor playground is 40000 yuan. As the gross revenue is 80%, the monthly profit is 32000 yuan. Deduct the monthly rental, cost of water and electricity, office expenses, staff wages, then the net profit of joining Liben’s indoor playground is 17000 yuan/month, thus the income of a year is 17,000yuan * 12 = 204,000 yuan.


Indoor soft play are more popular now. There are actually many places to attract tourists. Tourists like indoor projects. In fact, it is more convenient and there are no restrictions. No matter what kind of weather conditions it is. play. Now let's take a look at what kind of places investors have used to attract you.


Many people who are interested in investment and entrepreneurship are looking forward to finding a good entrepreneurial project, and the indoor climbing project brings everyone an opportunity to break through and create more profits. However, the current entertainment economy is developing rapidly.


As a popular form of exercise, indoor trampoline has quickly gained the favor of consumers around the world. The novel form of entertainment can not only consume a lot of excess calories, but also achieve the purpose of exercising and relaxing the body and mind.


Regarding investment, many people will look at their investment in the entertainment industry. Playground facilities and fun park trampoline parks are relatively interesting entertainment investment industries. Such investment is relatively profitable. Is the trampoline park a big investment?


The rapid rise of the entertainment economy is based on the significant improvement of people's material life. The reason why indoor expansion projects have developed rapidly in recent years is also because people have a strong interest in this stimulating and challenging leisure activity.


Experiencing various entertainment and leisure equipment has become the first choice for people to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable life. It brings people not only spiritual relaxation, but also a sense of accomplishment beyond self-challenge. Many people who are interested in investment and entr

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