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An important factor for evaluating the safety of trampoline park equipment:How to ensure the equipment safety of trampoline hall?

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An important factor for evaluating the safety of  trampoline park equipment:How to ensure the equipment safety of trampoline hall?

Trampoline exercise can exercise the sense of balance and coordination of the body. It has the effect of fitness, weight loss and height increase. It is loved by children and adults. But the safety of indoor trampoline park is also the focus of consumers. Let's learn more about how to ensure the safety of trampoline park.

1. Safety Assessment Factors of Trampoline Venue Equipment

(1) Safety Evaluation Factors of Metal Steel Frame

Metal frame is the most important structure of indoor trampoline park equipment. At the same time, the hard metal frame is also one of the biggest dangers faced by players. If players hit the metal frame, it may cause them to scratch, even serious fracture, skull injury and so on. Therefore, whether there is a bare trampoline frame is the most important item to evaluate the safety of trampoline park equipment.

(2) Safety Evaluation Factors of Soft Bag and Protective Pad

The soft bag and the protective pad are the guarantee to prevent the metal frame from exposing and the player from hitting the hard object. The high-quality soft bag and protective pad are not only full, but also have stronger crashworthiness and durability. However, the poor soft bag and protective pad will start to wear, deform and tear after being hit several times. It will seriously lose its absorption ability to impact. Therefore, whether the soft bag and protective pad of trampoline park equipment are sufficient and of high quality is also one of the key points to evaluate the safety of trampoline equipment.

(3) Safety Factors of Spring

Spring is an important link part of trampoline. It is also a consumable. The number of times it can bear is the life of spring. When the spring is permanently deformed, it represents the end of its service life. The spring with permanent deformation will produce bumpy elasticity. Sometimes it will hurt the players even under the protection of the soft bag protection pad. If a poor spring is chosen, the number of replacement will be greatly increased, time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, it is recommended that investors purchase high-quality springs and check them regularly after the jumping places starts operation.

(4) Other Parts

Trampoline equipment is composed of many parts, each of which must be specially tested to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. For example, the thickness of trampoline steel frame material determines the bearing capacity of trampoline and whether it is more solid and durable. For example, the protective net is made of high-strength polypropylene material and is woven with lock catch threads. Even if sharp objects cut the protective net, the holes in the protective net will not spread, expand or tear.

In a word, safety, durability and comfort are the key factors for choosing trampoline park equipment. Trampoline projects are both entertaining and dangerous. The most important thing investors should pay attention to when arranging jumping places is safety. Investors must spread the concept and practical operation of safety to employees and consumers to ensure that there is no risk.

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