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After the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic, How to Make Trampoline Paradise Work?

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After the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic, How to Make Trampoline Paradise Work?

The trampoline park operation team moved ahead

In the extraordinary period when the pneumonia epidemic is not over, the trampoline paradise store manager and operation team shall establish an epidemic prevention and control team and formulate relevant policies in accordance with the actual situation of the paradise. For example, formulate an epidemic prevention and control plan, an epidemic prevention and control plan before opening the park, a recovery plan for the park, a post-opening prevention and control plan, and an emergency plan. Through online network tools such as WeChat and DingDing Group, various types of epidemic prevention and control propaganda and education within the trampoline park were carried out. At the same time, the knowledge of the prevention and control of new coronavirus should be popularized.

Prepare and raise all materials necessary for the prevention and control of epidemic situation for the reopening of the park. For example, 75% medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer, disposable hand sanitizer, watering can, disposable protective mask (general medical surgical protective mask or N95 / KN95 mask), playground special disinfection machine and disinfectant, etc.

Formulate customer operations and marketing plans in advance

The trampoline park operation team resumed work at home in advance, launched the trampoline publicity work in advance, and listed the important work priorities before the jump trampoline park was resumed. At the same time, part of the cleaning and employees should do the epidemic prevention and disinfection work of the trampoline hall according to the safety training and disinfection process of the trampoline paradise, and keep the videos and pictures of cleaning and epidemic prevention. Mark the date and arrange it, then send it to the trampoline hall epidemic prevention and control team and the contact point of the relevant superior department for easy inspection and archiving.

Pay attention to and unify everyone's opinions. It is beneficial to mobilize all employees of the trampoline hall, to use channels and methods such as Paradise WeChat public account, Paradise official WeChat circle of friends, Paradise fan group, Paradise official or personal vibrato / Quick hand / Weishi and other media platforms and posters. Implement the daily publicity work of daily epidemic prevention in paradise.

Actively greet and care for customers

Let the owner of the trampoline hall greet the trampoline park members by phone or WeChat. It is of great significance to open up our jump trampoline park by doing well customer operation and marketing strategies in advance. Plan a large number of activities such as welfare and free gifts in advance, so that customers and parents can truly feel the sincerity and care of our trampoline paradise, and display the anti-epidemic cleaning work of our trampoline hall. A series of award-winning mini-games related to the trampoline park are directly published in the existing fan group or WeChat circle of friends. Through various small red envelopes or gifts, add more trampoline paradise members to enter the fan base. While managing the trampoline paradise fan base, we can solve some life problems for trampoline member fans under our best conditions. For example, there are many masks that can be sent to customer communities to help customers with difficulties in delivering meals and living supplies. These investments are small but can bring word of mouth to our trampoline paradise.

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