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A New Tide of Indoor Trampoline Park

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A New Tide of Indoor Trampoline Park

Trampoline is a sport that perfectly combines sports and aesthetics. In the past two years, the trampoline project and indoor trampoline park has become more and more accepted by the market, because modern society advocates fitness for all people, and jumping is instinct of human beings, whose expectation and goal is "jumping higher". Let's take a look at the indoor trampoline park!

Advantages of Indoor Trampoline Park

Trampoline park not only is able to bring good fitness effects to customers, but also has the capability to promote the development of physical fitness and intelligence. The trampoline is a kind of up-and-down jumping movement, and the body stays in the air for a long time during the up-and-down jumping movement. Therefore, it is good to stretch each joint and the gravity of the earth in a straight line, which is beneficial to the absorption of calcium in each joint and improve the bending resistance, bending resistance and compression torsion performance of human bones to reduce the occurrence of daily injuries. In addition, through the trampoline exercise, the body's central nervous system, circulatory system and digestion and other systems will be exercised accordingly, thereby enhancing the tolerance and resistance of the human body. As a consequence, when jumping on the jump trampoline, because a lot of energy is consumed, customers exercise while losing weight.

Description of the Indoor Trampoline Park Project

(1) Free Jumping Area of Trampoline

Free jumping area of trampoline is a jumping space connected by many international-grade trampolines, which has more than 40 trampolines, including the famous tilting trampoline, bouncing platform and other functions to test human body functions in the air.

(2) Competitive dodgeball Area

Competitive dodgeball area is a squash court designed by the trampoline theme park. The dodge ball and the wall paved with spring mattress form endless fun.

(3) Fancy Dunk Area

On the basketball court, boys may not be able to slam dunk because of their physical reasons and jumping ability. With the help of a spring mattress, fancy dunk area is in the position to satisfy all the fans who desire to dunk but have insufficient ability.

(4) Fun Sponge Pool

Maybe we have no chance to try high diving in the swimming pool, but the fun sponge pool gives us unlimited possibilities. We can use the jump trampoline to lift our bodies into the sky, and after completing various movements in the air, jump directly into the sponge pool. The movements can be breathtaking, but the posture can be very beautiful.

(5) Ninja Through the Customs Area

Ninja crossing the border allows players to challenge themselves to complete impossible tasks. When they reach the end, they will feel that they are omnipotent, which is also very suitable for company activities or group activities.

Trampoline activities are not only good fitness activities, but also have amazingly Entertainment, which enable people living in fast-paced and high-stress environments to release stress and soothe their emotions. Moreover, the indoor trampoline park allows us to ignore the external situation and enjoy playing here.

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