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Liben is not only your interactive trampoline park manufacturer, but also your indoor kids amusement park operations service consultant. The business plan we can do will cover location selection analysis, family entertainment center design, indoor soft play design, competitive analysis, ROI analysis, opening planning, course output, and opening time table, personnel allocation, employee responsibilities, party operations processes, security operations knowledge, trampoline park prices, pricing analysis, material preparation, cleaning, etc. 
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Hunan Zhuzhou Lipu Amusement
Case Description
Lipu amusement park in zhuzhou, hunan, the largest indoor trampoline park in hunan, 6000 square meters, more than 20 web celebrity projects. The customer sincerely invited us to arrange professional market analysts and designers to go to the local area to conduct a survey and analysis of the whole project.
 Market Research
For the indoor amusement park, many investors are new to the project. Often the point of hesitation for them is whether the project is suitable for them or not. For such situation, our company also integrates all the market conditions to make an overall analysis. The research we will do is as follows:

1. Population base
2. Consumption level
3. Spending habits
4. Location and surrounding environment of the site
5. Competition
6. The investment team

According to the above situation comprehensive analysis whether the local is suitable to do this project. Therefore, every investor must fill in the contact research form truthfully, so that we can give the most correct market analysis.
  Venue Location
After confirming the investment in this project, we also did a full preliminary research, which is the project proposal, so what is the proposal after all? Project is a venue for their own positioning, positioning the venue is to do what kind of venue. As for project approval, we can divide it into the following categories:
  The budget of the investment
After the venue positioning, every investor attaches great importance to a link, that is, the investment budget. Investors are very eager to know how much the project needs to invest, so what will be the specific cost of this project? The details are as follows:

1. Venue rental
2. Equipment investment
3. Decoration investment
4. Fire investment
5. Artificial water and electricity
6. Marketing promotion

Data visualization
Design field
Overall investment

For example, case data

Venue rental Investment in equipment Decorate investment Fire control investment The artificial water and electricity Marketing promotion
2160000 4500000 2000000 500000 1000000 500000
A total of:10660000   
  Output forecast
After I have a general understanding of my investment budget, I will definitely want to know how the revenue of this venue will be when it opens. We will do the analysis according to a general market research

1. Examples of non-holiday income
2. Examples of holiday income
3. Comparison of monthly income data
4. Summary of annual income data
5. Proportion of online platform revenue and offline to store revenue
6. Proportion of consumption age group
 Our Work Statistics
Grand opening on October 1, 2019, one week after opening:(/ ten thousand)
  • 100
    Weekly turnover
  • 300
    Turnover in October
  • 180
  • 120
  Profit Effect
According to an overall data to predict the project investment recovery cycle, the overall rate of return, what is the corresponding impact on the community, to the future development of the stadium advantages
The service content
1. Venue planning
2. Whole library design
3. Product manufacturing
4. Product transportation
5. Product installation
6. After-sales service and service upgrade
7. Financial analysis
8. Supporting products

ROI Analysis

Serial Number Project First year Second year  Third year Total earnings in three years note
1 Estimated annual revenue ¥14,919,022.80 ¥14,919,022.80 ¥14,919,022.80    
2 Cost + equipment depreciation (3 years) ¥7,498,000.00 ¥3,467,000.00 ¥3,712,950.00    
3 Other costs ¥745,951.14 ¥745,951.14 ¥745,951.14    
4 Net operating profit ¥6,675,071.66 ¥10,706,071.66 ¥10,706,071.66 ¥27,841,264.98  
5 Operating team bonus ¥1,268,263.62 ¥2,034,153.62 ¥1,987,423.12 ¥5,289,840.35 19%
6 Project leader bonus ¥1,001,260.75 ¥1,605,910.75 ¥1,569,018.25 ¥4,176,189.75 15%
7 Net profit ¥4,405,547.30 ¥7,066,007.30 ¥6,903,680.30 ¥18,375,234.89  
Three-year rate of return 245.07%
Average annual return 81.69%
  Case Shows
It takes only 2 months from contract signing to installation delivery
We made a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the local population base, consumption level, consumption habits, competitors and the conditions of the venue itself. For a local market, a project like this is very powerful. Why? Because the local youth crowd is very large, plus the local indoor amusement program is basically a kind of video game. I also had a preliminary plan for the whole project of the venue, which was confirmed after in-depth discussion with the client about the overall project plan.

The overall investment of lipu amusement company is about 10 million yuan, including the site rent, equipment investment, decoration investment, fire renovation, and artificial water and electricity budget. In the whole process of a project, we are not only an equipment supplier, but also a construction site follow-up service for customers' fire renovation and decoration plans. To help the customer to supervise the third party construction units from a professional perspective, to ensure the supply of materials, construction details and so on to ensure the construction quality.
It took 2 months from the contract signing to the equipment production and installation to the opening, only 2 months. The all-round cooperation of all the staff is the most critical part for the project to open on schedule.
Lipu amusement opened on October 1, 2019, with a turnover of 1 million yuan in the first week. In October, the turnover reached 3 million yuan, 1.8 million yuan online and 1.2 million yuan offline.
The impact on the whole hunan is huge, causing a wave of investment upsurge, many customers in hunan because of the results and development of zhuzhou project, are eager to try, have to visit the venue, and then find the original investigation.

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